Fall 2020 Art and Architecture History Classes

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Course Name Instructor Meets Room
ARC 107: Global Design Fellows TR 11:40 am-1 pm Alumni 001
ARC 221: History of Architecture I Staff MWF 8:30 am-9:25 am AB 100
ART 162: Africa, Oceania and Native America Fenton MW 11:40 am-1 pm AB 100
ART 188: History of Western Art (Ren-Mod.) Casper MWF 10:05 am-11 am AB 100
ART 188: History of Western Art (Ren-Mod.) Dell'Aria TR 11:40 am-1 pm AB 100
ART 188H: History of Western Art (Ren-Mod. | Honors) Casper TR 1:15 pm-2:35 pm AB 103
ART 285: Writing in the Visual Arts Fenton MW 2:50 pm-4:10 pm AB 103
Course Name Instructor Meets Room
ARC 221: History of Architecture I Staff MWF 8:30 am-9:25 am AB 100
ART 276: Intro to Art of Black Diaspora Fenton TR 11:40 am-1 pm AB 103
ART 286:  China, Korea, Japan Hatch TR 1:15 pm-2:35 pm AB 100
ART 286:  China, Korea, Japan Hatch TR 2:50 pm-4:10 pm AB 100
Course Name Instructor Meets Room
CLS 216: Greek and Roman Cities Tuck TR 4:25 pm-5:45 pm AB 100
ART 316: Baroque Art in Europe Casper MWF 1:15 pm-2:10 pm AB 103
ART 488: Art in the Age of Revolution Stetler TR 10:30 am-11:25 am AB 103
Course Name Instructor Meets Room
ART 498: Capstone Seminar Dell’Aria TR 2:50 pm-4:10 pm AB 103
Course Name Instructor Meets
ART 391: Field Study in Art and Architecture History* Stetler -- 

*Art history majors who would like to sign up for ART 391 in the spring should contact Professor Stetler. She will enroll you in the course.

This division of courses into “levels” reflects only the curriculum distribution for the Art and Architecture History Major. It does not reflect prerequisites necessary for these courses, nor does it establish necessarily a hierarchy of difficulty.

All of these classes do count for both the AAH major and minor, even if your DAR doesn’t say so. You may have to have the instructor sign a comment form for any class not on your DAR, but it will most assuredly count for the major and minor.

The ART 498 Capstone seminar is open to senior majors and minors! Students curate an exhibition at the Miami University Art Museum.

Descriptions of Art History Courses

ARC 107. Global Design. (3) (MPF)
Introduces the role and influence of design on people and environments within a contemporary global context. Open to students in all majors. IIA, IIIB.

ARC 221. History of Architecture I. (3) (MPF)
Thorough and systematic survey of the history of architecture, urban design, and allied arts across global contexts. Non-majors welcome. IIA, IIB.

ART 162. Arts of Africa, Oceania and Native America (MPF)
This course is a survey of the visual and performed arts of Africa, Oceania and Native America. These regions and their arts, often relegated to the constructed category of “non-Western,” will be considered from their religious, political, historical and cultural contexts. The course also explores the Western bias inherent in the study of “non-Western” art, providing students with a broader understanding to the ways in which cultures from around the world produce, employ and conceptualize what the West has conventionally label as “art.” In examining sculpture, multi-media installation, festivals, masquerade, textiles, dress, ritual spaces, international artists and many more, students are exposed to alternative ways of looking at and understanding visual and performed expression. IIA, IIIB.

ART 286. History of Asian Art, China, Korea, and Japan. (3) (MPF, MPT)
Introduction to major artistic traditions of China, Korea, and Japan. Emphasis placed on understanding the cultural foundations of Bronze Age art in East Asia, the impact of Buddhism in the region, and later painting and ceramic traditions. IIA, IIB. CAS-B.

ART 276. Introduction to the Art of the Black Diaspora
Introduces visual arts produced by black artists in Africa, the U.S., and the Black Diaspora. Examines seminal creative ideas, philosophies, and movements and focuses on the work of key artists in analyzing the contextual significance of art in society.

ART 285. Writing and the Visual Arts (MP Advanced Writing)
A course for beginning art history majors and others interested in a critical approach to reading texts, researching, and talking about works of art. Focuses on research methods, critical thinking, reading and writing, and formal presentation techniques. Students will learn how to recognize and use art historical methodology; how to read critically in order to determine an author's thesis, argument, approach(es), and biases; and how to perform specialized research using the methods discussed in class, resulting in a class presentation and research paper.

ART 316. Baroque Art in Europe
This course covers the painting, sculpture and architecture of Europe from the late sixteenth century through the early eighteenth century. It will focus on the individuals, corporations, as well as the various historical, social, and religious phenomena driving the production of painting, sculpture, and architecture.

ART 488. Art in the Age of Revolution: 1789-1848
This course explores the artistic production of Europe and the United States from 1789-1848. Topics include the influence of political revolutions and colonialism, the invention of modern forms of visual culture such as photography and lithography, the traditions of academic painting, and rebellions against those traditions.

ART 498. History and Methods in Art and Architectural History (Capstone)
Culminating class for Art and Architecture History students. Discussions and projects that give students the opportunity to assimilate knowledge gained in the study of art history. Students curate an exhibition at the Miami University Art Museum. Open to AAH majors and minors.

CLS 216. Greek and Roman Cities
A visually-oriented course that examines ancient Greek and Roman cities, including Athens, Sparta, and Corinth; Rome, Herculaneum, and Pompeii. Intends to recreate, as much as possible, the experience of living in these cities in order to understand life in the Classical world.


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