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Revised January, 2012 | Information on this page is verified as of September, 2015

The Department of Music offers several minors for Music majors and others.

Minor in Music Performance, for non-Music majors

Music Performance Minor: Course of Study

Adviser: see the applied music teacher of your instrument

Admission Procedures: An audition is required for this program. For information, contact the Department of Music, 109 Presser Hall (513-529-3014). This minor is not open to music performance and music education majors.

At this time there is no voice performance minor.

Music Performance Minor Program Requirements (25 credits)

All of these:

  • MUS 101-102 Theory of Music (3, 3)
  • MUS 151-152 Sightsinging and Dictation (1, 1)
  • MUS 189 Great Ideas in Western Music (3)

Applied music requirement: 10 credit hours, includes one semester at 342 level (student must perform a half-recital in this semester).

Ensemble requirement: Four semesters in a large ensemble, in primary performance medium (Chamber Singers, Choraliers, Collegiate Chorale, Marching Band, Men's Glee Club, Symphony Band, University Symphony Orchestra, and Wind Ensemble). Entrance to each group is by audition. Piano performance minors may fulfill the ensemble requirement through participation in a large vocal ensemble, large instrumental ensemble, accompanying (MUS 110/220), or chamber music as a pianist.

Minor in Music History, for non-Music majors

Music History Minor: Course of Study

Adviser: Dr. Tammy Kernodle

Admission Procedures: Students interested in pursing the minor in music history should see Dr. Kernodle. Not open to music majors.

Music History Minor Program Requirements (24 credits)

All of these:

  • MUS 101-102 Theory of Music (3, 3)
  • MUS 201 Theory of Music (3)
  • MUS 211-212 History of Western Music (3, 3)

One course selected from MUS 135, 186, 188, 285, 287 (3)

Two additional music history courses selected at the 200-level or higher (3, 3). The courses should be selected from MUS 285, 287, 385, 386, 460, 461, 490.

Minor in Music Composition, all majors

Music Composition Minor: Course of Study

Advisers: Dr. G. Roger Davis and Dr. Per Bloland

This minor is for those who want to complement their education with creative study in music composition.

Admission Procedures: Students interested in pursuing the minor in music composition must submit a portfolio to the Composition faculty. Portfolios should contain two to four recent examples of one's best creative work. The preferred format for audio files is mp3, though AIFF and WAV will be accepted. Printed scores are welcome as well (accepted formats: pdf, Sibelius, or Finale files), though not required. This minor is open to music majors and non-majors.

Contact the Music Composition faculty for further information: Dr. Per Bloland (blolanpa@miamioh.edu, 513-529-0584) and Dr. Roger Davis (davisgr@miamioh.edu513-529-3047).

Music Composition Minor Program Requirements (18 credits):

All of these:

  • MUS 101-102 Theory of Music (3, 3)
  • MUS 151-152 Sightsinging and Dictation (1, 1)
  • MUS 171 Composition Seminar (take twice) (2, 2)
  • MUS 221 Music Technologies (3)

One of these:

  • MUS 201 Theory of Music (3)
  • MUS 306 Advanced Electronic Music (3)

Minor in Music Theatre

Open only to Music majors and Theatre majors; see the Minor in Music Theatre Course of Study or the Minor in Music Theatre Program Description.

Minor in Arts Management

Open only to Music majors; see the Arts Management Course of Study.