Students working at a table in the fashion design classroom
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View of students working in the fashion design classroom
Students pin patterns to dressmakers mannequins in a workroom

Fashion Minor

Apply now for the fashion programs! Admission to the Fashion Minor and Fashion Co-Major is limited and by application only. You can apply as early as your second semester at Miami. In general, students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75 to be considered for admission, but simply having the minimum GPA does not guarantee admission.

Deadline for Fall 2016 applications is November 11, 2016.

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Visit the new Fashion Program page for information about our minor and co-major!

Program Requirements for Existing Minor (pre-2016)

19 Credit Hours Total

All students are required to take a core of classes plus electives. Elective courses provide introductory applied studio experience across selected relevant courses in the College of Creative Arts, Farmer Business School and/or from Miami international partner schools.

CORE (minimum 12 hours)


FAS 281 Contemporary Fashion History (3) OR
ART 233 MPF (Global Dress) OR ART 189 MPF (History of Western Dress) (3)


MKT 291 MPF (3)


FAS 201 Apparel Construction (3) OR
THE 253/205 (Costume Design Fundamentals) (4) OR
ART145/146, Beginning Sewing I and II (2+2)

Required: 3 credits of foundational design; students choose from the following (3)

ART 111 (Design and Composition) (3)
ART 121 (Observational Drawing) (3)
ART 102 (Color Theory and Practice (1.5)
ART 104 (Problem Solving and Concept Dev) (1.5)
ART 106 (Intro to Figure Drawing) (1.5)
ARC 101, 102, 113, 114, 105 (2D and 3D design) (3)

ELECTIVES (minimum 6 hours)

Students choose 6 or more hours from the courses listed below. (Only choose courses which have not been used to fulfill the above requirements):

FAS 101 Intro to Fashion Industry (3)
FAS 109 Knitting Crochet Sprint (1.5)
FAS 114 Shibori Silk Dyeing Sprint (1.5)
FAS 125 Deconstruction, Patterning and Reconstruction Sprint (1.5)
FAS 131 Technical Fashion Drawing  (1.5)
FAS 201 Apparel Construction Techniques (3)
FAS 211 Fashion Draping (3)
FAS 212 Flat Pattern Drafting (3)
FAS 221 Textiles for Fashion (3)
FAS 241 Elements and Principles of Fashion Design (3)
FAS 243 Non-Textile Alternative Dress Design (1.5)
FAS 422 International Fashion Workshop (6)
FAS 451 Retail Planning and Buying (3)
FAS 463 Fashion Trend and Forecasting (3)
MKT 291 MPF Basic Marketing (3)
MKT 461 Retailing (3)
ART 165 Jewelry Design Sprint (1.5)
ART 264 Jewelry Design (3)
ART 350 Illustration (3)
THE 453 Costume Design (3)

Total Fashion Minor credit hours required: 19 = 12 to 13 core credits + 6 to 7 elective credits

For additional information

Della Reams
Visiting Assistant Professor
College of Creative Arts
Interdisciplinary Design - Fashion
226 Boyd Hall

Leslie D. Stoel
Farmer School of Business, Department of Marketing and
College of Creative Arts, Fashion
3042 FSB