IMS Minor Students in a design thinking class play a game

IMS Minor

The IMS minor introduces students to digital media and allows them to examine their chosen major from a new perspective. It also provides a framework for integrating a broad understanding of interactive media balanced with a more specific focus on expertise in specific areas.

Digital Innovation Minor Students relax near a row of painted ladies houses in San Francisco

Digital Innovation Minor

The Digital Innovation minor is completed by participating in the Digital Innovation program in San Francisco or Cincinnati. This immersive program is ideal for students who want a full-time experience outside of the summer internship season and who want to increase the number of connections they have prior to post-graduate job searching.

Games + Simulation Minor Game students collaborate at laptops

Games + Simulation Minor

The cross-disciplinary Games + Simulation minor offers a series of courses on digital game design, analysis, and application. Students are introduced to the foundations of game design and implementation, the design of art assets for digital games, developing critical and cultural understandings of digital games, and the relationship of digital games to important trends in learning and literacy.