The best way to find an internship is to look for companies that are in areas that would work for you. Once you have a list of companies, check their websites for opportunities. Most companies do not really post internships as there is far more demand than supply.

The Center for Career Exploration and Success maintains a list of interactive media studies job and internship boards.

Internships in Game Development

Getting an internship (or a job) in the games industry is all about knowing people. Therefore, you want to try to start a dialogue with games companies and industry professionals as soon as you can. In particular, we recommend that you attend industry conferences (such as the GDC in San Francisco or GDEX in Columbus) and that you try to create connections over social media.

Local Game Companies

Wraith Games –
Few Remain –
Multivarious Games –
Ganbaru Games –
Smiling Cat Entertainment –
MooseMouse Media Inc. –
Dioram –
Funky Visions –
Max Gaming Technologies –
Handelabra Studio LLC –
J Lynn Entertainment –
SGM Games –
Monsters Unlimited LLC –
Aertherbyte Studios –
WhileTrueFork –
Green Door Games –
Loreful, LLC –
Electric Crow Games, LLC –
WhatIfSports –
Jolly Crouton Media –
YEI Technology –
Game Research and Immersive Design at Ohio University –