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Art Center

Home of CraftSummer and CraftWinter

The Art Center in Phillips Hall houses studios for ceramics, metalsmithing, glass, drawing, digital photography and woodworking. These studios serve our Sprint course offerings and the CraftSummer workshops. The ceramics area includes 12 pottery wheels, electric kilns, a handbuilding area, and various slips, glazes and clay. Glass equipment includes: Lampworking/beading torches, glass kiln for fusing and slumping, and enameling kilns. For the metalsmiths, we have hand metalsmithing tools, an acetylene torch and a vented soldering hood, a large bench area, and a rolling mill and buffer. In the woodworking area we have a fully equipped woodshop, a large selection of hand tools, and a large bench working area. Additionally, the Art Center has two, twenty-seat classrooms with digital projection equipment that are used for drawing studios and digital photography instruction.

Location: Phillips Hall Room 103, 420 S. Oak St., Miami University
Phone: 513-529-7395