Colorful curled metallic strips make up an artwork
 Colorful examples of 2D and 3D papercraft, including boxes and bookbinding
A shimmering multicolored pot
 A variety of watercolor paintings and sketches displayed on a board

Workshop Updates in regard to Coronavirus COVID-19

Coronavirus Impact Update:

Miami University has officially cancelled all face-to-face classes for the first summer term.

This unfortunately means that CraftSummer must cancel our program scheduled for April and June.

Currently we are in the process of rescheduling some workshops to run towards the end of July. We will update our website as soon as we have dates and classes lined up.

We are also exploring the concept of creating workshop style classes to be offered online with the hopes of having a few classes available this year. It will include personal instruction, demos, live critiques and live feedback from the instructors. More info will follow soon.

We wish you well. Stay safe.

Class and instructor pose with colorful scarves and materials at tables

Nurture Your Inner Artist

Clay-covered hands circle a pottery project as it is turned on the wheel

"My week at CraftSummer changed my life"

"This class has improved my teaching more than almost anything else I've ever done"

My time at CraftSummer re-ignites my creative juices. I come every year!"

Comments like these are some of the most common we receive regarding participants time in our workshops. Whether you are looking for new ideas or techniques for your classroom, or refine your skills in your artistic passion, or to finally treat yourself to the long promised new experience, CraftSummer offers a truly unique opportunity to nurture your inner artist with a blend of hands-on guided instruction and time for personal exploration.

Classes can be taken for credit or just for fun. With one day, weekend, and weeklong classes there is something for everyone at CraftSummer.

Art Center

Tools and materials used in a CraftSummer workshop

Home of CraftSummer

The Art Center in Phillips Hall houses studios for ceramics, metalsmithing, glass, drawing, and digital photography. These studios serve our Sprint course offerings and the CraftSummer workshops.