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Travel to India during J-term
Are you interested in learning more about how engineering is conducted in different countries, while taking classes for your major? Consider signing up for the Engineering in Dynamic India study abroad program.
Students study thermodynamics in Europe
Engineering students traveled to Europe to learn and explore new countries while learning engineering principles
Engineers Without Borders recognized with Education Award
Through their hard work and collaboration with professionals, Engineers Without Borders was able to be recognized in the Education Award Competition
EWB creates water sources in Kabingo, Uganda
They also work on water purification and storage
Community engagement in Mexico
Students work with special needs kids and learn engineering economics
Engineering in Guatemala
Fifteen students conducted market research and developed products addressing needs
Evening with EWB celebrates engineering work around the world
Gala combines food, jazz, and making a difference
Students engineer solutions abroad at KAIST workshop
Paper, education, and tablet technology
Students learn and explore in Europe
Students go to Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, and more