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What can I do with a minor in Humanitarian Engineering and Computing?

There are many options for those who are interested in Humanitarian Engineering and Computing including: policy, NGOs, Peace Corpsgovernment, public health agencies, and park services. Check out some of the following links for more opportunities.

How will it help when it comes to getting a job?

Companies will be interested in hiring you, a Miami University graduate with the Humanitarian Engineering and Computing minor, because you bring the breadth of an engineering or computing degree, complemented by a minor that attests you are globally-aware, culturally-sensitive, and socially conscious.  Your experiences show that you are capable of using your knowledge to design solutions based on the specific needs and environment of the community the company serves.  By enhancing your technical major with the Humanitarian Engineering and Computing minor you will clearly demonstrate to prospective employers your ability to bring a socially engaged, holistic approach to problem solving.