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About the Center

The Discovery Center for Evaluation, Research, and Professional Learning has over 24 years of experience providing research, evaluation, and professional development services for P-20+ mathematics and science education reform initiatives.


The Discovery Center’s mission is to provide comprehensive, high-quality research, evaluation, assessment, and professional development services to improve teaching and learning and promote equity in opportunity, access, and outcomes for all learners.


The Discovery Center’s vision is to serve as Ohio’s only comprehensive Center for research, evaluation, and professional learning in science, mathematics, technology, computer science, and engineering education, dedicated to collaboration, advocacy, and strategic innovation.

Center Commitments

The Discovery Center focuses on three commitments related to improving teaching and learning for all.



Our commitment to collaboration enables broad outreach and impact across education stakeholder groups. We collaborate across many sectors by maintaining a virtual infrastructure that facilitates meaningful and productive partnerships and relationships with individuals and their organizations within Ohio and across the nation.



Our commitment to advocacy promotes equitable opportunity and outcomes for all learners. We advocate for schools, teachers, and students, as well as for critical state and federal education initiatives. Center research, evaluation, and professional development efforts and the wide dissemination of our work supports improvement of local and state education programs.

Strategic Innovation

Strategic Innovation

Our commitment to strategic innovation ensures the relevance and impact of our work on practice and policy. We continuously improve our collective knowledge and skills, strategically placing the Center among industry-leading providers of evaluation, research, and professional learning services.

Center Work

The Discovery Center’s efforts are disseminated across a variety of local, regional, and national educational settings. Center staff routinely provide evaluation, research, and professional learning services and support for over 20 programs and projects. Center activities include collaboration with and support for local school districts and educational institutions, implementation of math and science teacher professional development experiences, evaluation of state- and federally-funded STEM and other education projects and programs, and presentation and dissemination of findings at regional and national conferences, as well as through academic publications.