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MA Theses

Titles of Recent Exit Papers

Our MECO students write master's theses based on their areas of study and what they're interested in studying during their time in the program. All exit papers are available full-text at Ohiolink.  Here are a few of the recent papers that have been turned in as part of their studies:


  • "Come Shale Away: Estimating Short-run Supply Elasticities of Shale Natural Gas" (2017) - Andrew Burnett
  • "“Intergenerational Mobility of Men and Women 1880-1910" (2017) - Jackie Craig
  • "Keeping up with the Joneses: Income Inequality's Effect on Mental Health" (2017) - Ian de Medeiros
  • "Legal Access to Alcohol and Academic Performance: Evidence from Miami University" (2017) - Joung Yeob Ha
  • "Enterprise Value/Monthly Active Users: A Valid Sector Specific Multiple for the Valuation of Social Media Firms" (2017) - Chris Haught
  • "Gouging in the Midwest? An analysis of the Propane Market" (2017) - Brandon Miller
  • "Can Minimum Wage Help Forecast Unemployment" (2017) - John Tyliszczak
  • "Price Stickiness: Durability, Cost of Price Adjustment, and Price Memory" (2017) - Daniyar Zhumadilov


  • "Same-Sex, Different Response to Marriage: Did Legal Marriage Matter for Same-Sex Couples in the United States." (2016)- Chris Curme
  • "Credit Constraints and Labor Supply." (2016)- Kien Dao Bui
  • "Was Wisconsin's Act 10 Necessary Market Power Regulation or Political Union Busting." (2016)- Becca Jorgensen
  • "Y2K and the Economy" (2016)- Wonjin Lee
  • "Fiscal Multipliers in Home Production Models." (2016)- Tianming Li


  • "Long Term Effects of Early Life Malnourishment: The Bengal Famine of 1943" (2015) - Milliken, Jason
  • "The Effect of Minimum Wage on U.S. Labor Productivity 1997-2013: The Higher, The Better?" (2015) - Pham, Tam
  • "Does Effort Hurt? Evidence from International Soccer" (2015) - York, John
  • "Much Ado About Nothing: How Much do the Oscars Matter?" (2015) - Whalen, David
  • "The Effect of Medical Care on Infant Mortality in the United States in the 20th Century" (2015) - Staines, Amber
  • "Do Highly Educated People Matter for Growth? An Econometric Analysis" (2015) - Doty, Kristian
  • "Financial Crisis, Relative Trust, and Religious Participation and Affiliation" (2015) - Magdefrau, Melissa
  • "Do Size and Diversity of Inspection Teams Affect Regulatory Violations? A Case Study of the Nursing Home Industry" (2015) - McCorkle, Alex


  • "Relating Leverage to Banking Market Structure: The case of Railroads in Antebellum America." (2014) - Nathan Klyn
  • "Does Idiosyncratic Volatility Proxy for a Missing Risk Factor? Evidence from Using Portfolios as Test Assets" (2014) - David Gempesaw
  • "Weighing in on the Effectiveness of State Laws on Childhood Obesity...Fat Chance!" (2014) - Kelsey Skvoretz
  • “Ally or Antagonist? Banking and Antebellum American Agriculture” (2014)- Michael Sotak


  • " Racial and Ethnic Disparities in the Use of Drug Therapy for Coronary Heart Disease" (2013) - Collin English


  • "Housing Investment and Long-run Growth A Panel Data Analysis" (2012) - Gregory Cross
  • "Determinants of Student Success on Ohio Proficiency Tests" (2012) - Christopher Leary
  • "The Emergence of a Good as a Medium of Exchange in Wilhite's Four Different Trade Networks" (2012) - Jae Hyoung Kim
  • "Block Bootstrapping J-Type Tests for Non-nested Hypotheses"  (2012) - Rahul Guha
  • "An Instrumental Variables Approach to Nursing Home Quality:  Is There a Dime's Worth of Evidence that Continuing Care Retirement Communities Provide Higher Quality?" (2012) - Heather McHone
  • "Conduct in the pre-Civil War free banking era: an endogenous market structure approach to cartel maintenance and expectations" (2012) - Marc PunKay
  • "Cross-State Variation in the Sensitivity of Consumption to Housing Prices:  The Role of Liquidity Constraints" (2012) - Charles Ruberg
  • "Measuring the Effect of Government Spending Shocks on Consumption: A Factor-Augmented VAR Approach" (2012) - Philip Vinson
  • "New Evidence on the Relationship Between Public and Private Consumption in the U.S.:  A State-Level Examination" (2012) - Jacob Wishart


  • "Short Run Effects of Health Insurance on Physicians' Income:  Evidence From the Introduction of Medicare" (2011) - Devon Blair
  • "Does the TRIPS Agreement Improve the Effectiveness of Intellectual Property Rights in Promoting Innovation?  A Panel Data Analysis of Developed and Developing Countries" (2011) - Michael Boevers
  • Does Political Instability Lead to Unsustainable Fiscal Policies?  A Panel Data Analysis" (2011) - Xin Guo
  • "Transaction Taxes in an Agent-Based Financial Market Model:  Sensitivity to Calibration" (2011) - Michelle Marcus
  • "Consumer Inventory Behavior and the Effect of Storability" (2011) - Matthew T. Mauck
  • "Informal Institutions and HIV:  A World Cross Sectional Approach" (2011) - Brian Painter
  • "Location Choice in a Circular Market:  Does Make vs. Buy Matter?"  (2011) - Wenche Wang


  • "The Impact of Flawed Exchange Rate Expectations on the Icelandic Financial Crisis" (2010) - Ayodeji Abatan
  • "How do Government Policies Affect Risk Premiums During the Great Depression?  Romer Revisited" (2010) - Xinwei Chen
  • "The Role of Relief Spending in Declining Infant Deaths" (2010) - Kurtis Grimes
  • "The Impact of Regulation on the Hospital Industry:  A Look at the Foundations (1930-1947)" (2010) - Paige Iversen
  • "When do Firms Protect Consumers From Themselves?  Evidence From Australian Horseracing" (2010)  - Joseph Keller
  • "A New Look at the Effect of Minimum Wages on Teenage School Enrollment" (2010) - Ryan Ruddy
  • "Incorporating Overtime in A Unionized Mixed Duopolistic Market" (2010) - Martin Yip
  • "Wage Inequality:  Expanding and Analyzing the Worldwide Dataset: (2010) - Saiah Lee


  • "The Racial Gap in the Education Premium: The Role of Geography" (2009) - Camila Khan
  • "Departure Time Differentiation: Is There Evidence of Flight Scheduling Agglomeration or Dispersion in India's Domestic Aviation Market?" (2009) - Whitney Benson
  • "Dot Commerce: Measuring the Determinants of Internet Domain Name Auction Prices" (2009) - Bradley Epstein
  • "An Explanation of the Samuelson-Balassa Effect in Central Europe" (2009) - Michal Janousek
  • "Did Monetary or Fiscal Policy End the Great Depression? Romer Revisited" (2009) - Mike Moody
  • "The Monetary Transmission Mechanism: Monetary Policy's Effect on the Housing Market" (2009) - Michael Mudd
  • "Geographic Market Definition of Medicare Reimbursed Short-Stay Nursing Home Care" (2009) - Phillip North
  • "Self-Enforcing Alliances Without Commitment in a Three-Player Multi-Item Tullock Contest" (2009) - David Rietzke
  • "The Effects of Recessions on Male Retirement Behavior: 1990-2008" (2009) - Lewis Warren


  • "Finding the Determinants of White Collar Crime: A Two Panel Study" (2008) - Sharon Burdicko
  • "The Economics of Alternative Fuels: Long Run Feasibility Analysis of Biodiesel Inputs" (2008) - Anthony Caruso
  • "The Determinants of Human Capital and Their Indirect Effects on Aggregate Output" (2008) - Gretchen Dolloff
  • "Divorce and Wealth: A Longitudinal Analysis" (2008) - Andrew Dustan
  • "What Determines the Final Price in Online Auctions? Evidence from Ebay" (2008) - Yiyan Liu
  • "Agent-based Financial Markets: The Role of Contagion Sentiments and News Sensitivity" (2008) - Charles Mohan
  • "An Empirical Study on the Effect of Eco-Labels on Firm Financial Performance" (2008) - Douglas Pelsey
  • "Labor Market Institutions and Returns to Education in the European Union" (2008) - Catherine Sampson
  • "The Statistical Properties and Determinants of Interest Rate Differentials" (2008) - Matt Williams


  • "Current Account Dynamics in the Flexible Exchange Rate Regime: An Analysis of the Effects from Home Bias, Fiscal Policy, and Oil Price Shocks." (2007) - Gabriel Cheek
  • "Estimating the Effects of Air Pollution and Environmental Policy: A Hedonic Approach to Southern California's Reclaim Initiative." (2007) - Kristofer Heika
  • "Are Asset Markets Really Forward Looking? A Re-Examination of the Yield Curve and Real Activity." (2007) - Galen Lum
  • "Motives Behind Privatization in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Political Proximity study." (2007) - Iloba Nzekwu
  • "Is There a Relationship Between Output Volatility and Growth in the United States, 1963-2006?" (2007) - Reka Orban
  • "Sources of the Increased Macroeconomic Stability since 1983." (2007) - Timothy Reynolds
  • "Is There a Relationship Between Government Share of Real GDP Per Capita and Economic Growth for OECD Countries?" (2007) - Olga Rud
  • "The Racial Gap in Health Outcomes." (2007) - Jeremy Simantel
  • "Why Pay Differs: An Empirical Study of Interest Arbitration, Unionization and Police Pay." (2007) - Paul Spiller
  • "Racial Composition and Customer Discrimination:  Utilizing the Market for Baseball Cards to Examine a Beckerian Inquiry."  (2007) - Scott Wentland


  • "The First Thing is Money, But What do you Buy?  Campaign Spending Choices in Ohio House elections, 1998-2004" (2006) - Jared Barton
  • "Measuring the Impact of Health on Economic Growth." (2006) - Sameer Khatiwada
  • "Inter-Industry Differences in Health Insurance Coverage--A Study on Employer Provided Health Insurance Coverage."  (2006) - Sarah Buckley McWhorter
  • "Economic Incentives and the Choice to Participate in Social Security Disability Insurance Program." (2006) - Jennifer Naberhaus
  • "Mergers and Acquisitions During the Dot-Com Stock Market Bubble."  (2006) - Nicholas Polachek


  • "The Effects of Ethnic Differences on the Earnings of Hispanic Men."  (2005) - Manuel Buitrago
  • "Issues in the Relationship of Economic Growth and Income Inequality."  (2005) - Randall Fox
  • "Racial and Marital Status Differences in Child Support Receipt." (2005) - Andrea Kremer
  • "Commodity Prices as a Leading Indicator of Inflation." (2005) - Martin Lavelle
  • "Worker Quality and Labor Market Sorting."  (2005) - Noah Stefanec
  • "What Happened During the 1950s?  An Economic Analysis of the Factors Affecting Economic Growth During the 1950s." (2005) - Michelle Weisburger


  • "The Impact of Immigrants on Native Wages:  Evidence from 1960-2000." (2004) - Christina Adams
  • "Has there been a Structural Shift in the Connection Between Macroeconomic Variables and Poverty Rates?"  (2004) - Brendan Browne
  • "The American Automobile Industry:  An Evolution of Competition, Prices and Sales." (2004) - Alina Dunaeva
  • "A New Look at the Asymmetric Response to Monetary Policy."  (2004) - Emily Hill
  • "Occupational Sorting and the Sexual Orientation Wage Gap."  (2004) - Andrew Hogan
  • "Readdressing Transitional Growth Dynamics:  The Effect of Growth Determinants on the Speed of Convergence."  (2004) - Justin Jones
  • "Portfolio Choice and Wage Risk:  Some Empirical Evidence from Pension Fund Data." (2004) - Seth Ruhter
  • "A Time Series Econometric Analysis of the Ongoing Divergence Between Household and Establishment Employment."  (2004) - Aaron Sanders
  • "A Re-Examination of the Relationship Between Capacity Utilization and Inflation in The United States Post-War Economy."  (2004) - David Sheehan


  • "Deutsche Arbeiter:  An Inquiry into the Hours Constraints and Earnings of German Workers." (2003) - Jason Beck
  • "A Re-Examination of the Co-Movement between Inflation and Stock Returns using Conditional Correlation Coefficients."  (2003) - Shibani Dalal
  • "Sensitivity Analysis and Cross-Country Study of Volatility's Effect on Output Growth."  (2003) - Kristen Distelhorst
  • "Monopoly Power and Real Estate Markets."  (2003) - Robert Markham
  • "Poverty in Mexico in the 1990's."  (2003) - Jesus Salas
  • "The Efficacy of International Organizations in Promoting Trade:  An Examination of Andrew Rose's Findings."  (2003) - Jennifer Shand
  • "The Threshold for Not-for-Profit Status:  The Rational boundaries for NFP Entrepreneurship and Donation."  (2003) - David Tomczyk
  • "Rules-Based Monetary Policy: Taylor vs. McCallum"  (2003) - Taylor Williams


  • "Exploring the Relationship between Environmental and Financial Performance:  A Shareholder Perspective."  (2002) - Linsey Molloy
  • "The Effects of Regional Trade Agreements on Economic Growth."  (2002) - Schuyler Porche
  • "Evidence of the Relationship Between the Stock Market and Retirement Decisions During the 1990s."  (2002) - Andrew Spata
  • "Economically Rational Expectations."  (2002) - Stephanie Spear