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Graduate Program FAQ

How many students apply? How large is the program? The number of applications varies year to year, but we try to limit our class size to around 20 students.

Do applicants need recommendations? Applicants who did not attend Miami need 3 letters of recommendation. If you are a Miami undergrad, you will need to obtain a FERPA release from the Eco department and fill it out in lieu of the letters, so the graduate director can talk to your economics professors. For more information about admission, please see here.

When can students start applying? When are applications due? You may start applying to the program the first week of September. For full financial consideration, complete applications need to be in by February 1st. You are still able to apply all the way until August 1st, however this will be without financial consideration. For applications to be fully considered, they need to be complete (including test scores).

Are there any pre-requisites that need to be done before students can apply? In addition to ECO 201 and ECO 202, you would need ECO 315 and ECO 317 to be admitted to the program with a C or better. We also require a 3.0 GPA and one semester of calculus. Most of our successful applicants have higher GPAs and significantly more math than our minimum requirements.

What requirements are there for students to apply for the "3+1" program? To be fully admitted into the combined program, the student must be a full-time student who has completed ECO 311, ECO 315, and ECO 317 and who has a combined GPA for these 3 classes of 3.5 or above. They must also have completed MTH 151 and an additional MTH course at or above the 200 level. This takes careful planning, so please contact your advisor as soon as possible if you are considering the combined degree program. Please visit here for more information about this program.

When are admission decisions made? For applications that are in by February 1st, decisions will try to be made by February 15th. This is a soft date whereas it could vary depending on the number of applicants. You will be notified separately of financial assistance.

What financial assistance is available? We offer financial assistance in the form of partial and full tuition waivers, and graduate assistantships on a competitive basis

Do I need to apply separately for a graduate assistantship? No, everyone is considered for a graduate assistantship when they apply.

If admitted, how many are awarded assistantships? The graduate committee considers all information in the application when making financial award decisions. Awards are made on a merit basis, with the most highly qualified students receiving awards first. On average, only about half of our students receive financial aid. Some students receive only partial waivers of tuition; others receive tuition waivers and stipends that require work within the department.

If I email you my profile (Scores, GPA, Transcript) can you evaluate my chances of admission? Once you have applied, we will be sure to review all parts of your application before making a decision. Unfortunately we are not able to evaluate your profile before a complete application is submitted.

Do students need to take the GRE or GMAT? Is there a minimum score for any of the exams? All students need to take either the GRE or the GMAT. We do not have a minimum GRE/GMAT.

Do international students need to take the TOEFL or IELTS? Is there a minimum score? International students must take the TOEFL and obtain a score of 90, or a score of 6.5 or above on the IELTS.

Is there an English Language Policy Waiver? Students will need to have at least a four year undergraduate degree from an English-speaking institution/an institution in an English-speaking country. For more information please see here.

Does the program only begin in the fall? We are a cohort-based, full-time program, so we don’t allow students to start in spring

Can work experience substitute for any classes? In general, no, but individuals with specific requests should contact the graduate director.

Can this be a part time program that is done in more than one year? It is very difficult to complete the program as a part time student due to course sequencing. It could be done, but would require more than 2 years to complete.

Can a student apply to the program before taking the GRE/GMAT/TOEFL? You may apply before you have taken these exams, however your application is not considered complete until we have your test score(s).

How many credit hours will be taken each semester? This may vary for "3+1" students and traditional students. Typically, a student will take 13 credit hours in the fall, 12 credit hours in the spring, and will take 6 credit hours during the summer. The summer will be done in either an individual thesis option or a group project option.