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Course Planning Resources

If you are admitted to business at the end of your first year, you can still graduate on time. We have sample plans below for each major or course of study that outline the recommended courses, semester-by-semester. Please review this prior to meeting with a business advisor during drop in advising. 

These are sample plans only. Students should regularly meet with an FSB Academic Advisor to plan their courses needed for degree completion.


Business Analytics

Business Economics


Human Capital Management and Leadership


Do I have to be in Exploratory Studies to be Admitted to Business?

Students do not need to be in Exploratory Studies in order to be admitted to business. The Exploratory Studies Degree Audit Report (DAR) has a section that shows a student’s qualifying GPA for FSB Admission, making it easier for the student to determine which classes are included in Miami Plan and Business GPA used for FSB Admission; however, students from any major are welcome to apply once they meet the Admission requirements.

How do I Change my Major? Can I Declare Business Now?

There is no need to change your major at this time. Once you meet the admission requirements, you will fill out the application form online. Your major will be changed to business upon admission.

Is Admission to the Business School Competitive?

Even if the requirements for admission change, you will follow the admission requirements that were in place when you entered the university. We will admit all students who meet the admission requirements.

Can I Take Any Business Courses Now?

Non-business students may access the Diversity courses, ECO 201, ECO 202, MTH 151, and STA 261.

  • The Business Core requires a diversity course. Most diversity courses are non-business and thus open to non-business students. 
  • ECO 201 and 202 are required courses within the Business Core, and either course will meet the GMP IIC Social Science requirement.
  • The Math Department requires an ACT Math score of 26+ or SAT Math score of 610+ to take MTH 151. See the Math Department's placement recommendation guide.
  • STA 261 is a general statistics course. If taken prior to admission, STA 261 and ISA 225 will meet the Business Statistics requirement. 

Typically, the departments will have seats available in ACC 221, the FYIC (BUS 101, BUS 102, ESP 103 and BUS 104), CSE 148, and ISA/STA 125 for students who are admitted to business at the end of fall and spring terms. For students admitted at the end of summer terms, course access may be more limited, but can include some business courses. Additional information about accessing these courses will be shared upon admission.

Is There a Petition Process if I do not Meet the Minimum GPA Requirement?

Exceptions to this requirement are extremely rare. Any exceptions to this policy will be dependent on remaining capacity in the Farmer School and will be evaluated individually based on significant and verified extenuating circumstances. Students seeking an exception will be expected to engage in a petition process and final decisions will be made by the Dean's office. Questions regarding this process should be directed to the Assistant Dean & Director of Divisional Advising.

I Want to Minor in Business. Do I Have to Meet the Admission Requirements?

Students may enroll in a maximum of two Farmer School of Business minors. Some minors are available to students on a first-come, first-served basis while others have entry restrictions or requirements. Therefore, to increase the likelihood of gaining entry into a FSB minor, interested students should contact the department offering the minor as early as possible in their academic careers. Completion of a FSB minor may require taking coursework during summer and winter terms and/or online.

Check out the different FSB Minors here.

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