Studying at Miami's campus in Luxembourg for a semester is one of the most economical ways to study abroad. You will still be considered a full-time Miami student and eligible for the same financial support your receive in Oxford. Tuition, room, board, and fees for the Luxembourg Program are comparable to those of the Oxford campus.

Additional costs include airfare, other European travel expenses, some meals, and souvenirs. These variable costs may range between $3,000-$7,000 for a semester depending on your budget and personal spending habits. See Tuition and Fees for a more detailed explanation of expenses.

Beyond what you already receive in aid, additional Luxembourg-specific and general Miami study abroad scholarships are available. There are also numerous national scholarships to support experiences abroad.

Why study at MUDEC during your sophomore year?

As Miami University requires all first and second year students to live in residence halls, coming to MUDEC during your sophomore year is significantly less expensive. At MUDEC, all students stay with a host family. Not only does this allow for an immersive and interactive daily cultural experience, but also for affordable accommodations. Altogether, by coming during your sophomore year, you will save over $3,500 in housing-related expenses!

Plan Ahead

The best way to save money is to start planning as early as possible.

  • Many scholarship deadlines come a semester or more in advance of when you would depart. To be considered for the most funding possible, be sure to apply early.
  • Many students think a summer or winter program is more affordable than a semester. However, the cost of a semester at MUDEC is comparable to a semester in Oxford and you are replacing a semester that you already budgeted for. Adding a summer or winter term requires additional tuition in addition to program fees for housing, meals, etc.
  • There are a lot more scholarships available for semester programs than summer or winter programs.
  • Think about what you can accomplish academically in Luxembourg. Can you double dip any major, minor or Miami Plan requirements while abroad?