Housing is one of the most frequent questions students have. Where will you stay when you abroad, and what happens to your housing here in Oxford?

Housing Abroad

Housing options vary by program, so it is something to consider as you are selecting a program. Typically housing is included in the cost and is required by the program. Whether you choose an apartment, dorms or host family may depend on what you want to get out of the program.


Apartments are arranged by the program and typically situated in close proximity to the university campus or facilities where classes are held. Students can expect to live with other program participants.

University Residences

Dorms are typically located on or close to campus. Students can expect to experience communal living with other students enrolled in the university or the study abroad program. Often this can be a great way to meet local students or other international students.

Local Homestays

Some programs arrange accommodations with host families. Households chosen to participate in the program represent a wide range of incomes and living situations. Students can generally expect to live in a community nearby fellow study abroad students and are encouraged to embrace the housing standards of their host country. This style of accommodation is particularly encouraged for students looking for a high-level of immersion or those working to develop language skills.

Hotels and Youth Hostels

Short-term programs may make arrangements to stay at hotels or youth hostels, which are ideal for shorter stays. Students can expect to share a room other participants.

On-campus and Oxford Housing Considerations

Do not let housing be the reason you cannot study abroad. Plan ahead for the semester or term that you plan to be abroad. Will you be in on-campus housing? Will you be renting an apartment off-campus or living at home? Will you need housing when you return?

On-Campus Housing

To cancel your On-Campus Housing for a semester abroad, contact the Office of Student Housing and Meal Plan Services. They will request that you complete the “Not Returning to Housing Next Semester” Form.

Off-Campus Housing

Living off campus? If you are studying abroad for a semester, try finding a friend that will alternate semester’s with you so that you can share a full-year lease. If you need to find a sub-letter for your off-campus housing or if you need to sublet upon your return to campus, use the Off-Campus Housing Service to make the connections you need.

If planning to study abroad junior year, plan ahead for your housing. Be careful of signing leases in Oxford before you have decided your study abroad plans.