Consultant sitting at a table in the HWC. Consultant has a headset on and is working on her computer.

Written Online Appointments

Button. Text: Make an appointmentAll students and alumni are welcome to schedule written online appointments. In a written online appointment, your consultant will use your appointment hour to read your writing and provide written feedback to you in comment bubbles in the margins of your document. For multimodal projects (such as websites or videos), we will write you a summary of our suggestions. Depending on your concerns, we may also record short videos that provide additional verbal and visual explanations. You will receive your feedback by the end of your appointment hour.

You are not required to be present/available during a written online appointment, but the collaborative features of Google Docs do allow you to interact with your consultant during your appointment time, if you would like. You can also schedule a live online appointment and work with us over text-chat.


You have two ways to schedule appointments with us.

  1. Schedule one-time appointments in our scheduling system. Please view our scheduling instructions if you have not scheduled with us before.
  2. Request a recurring appointment for 4 or more weeks, by submitting a form on our website.

You can inform us of any learning/technology accommodations or needs when you schedule.

Preparing for Your Appointment

Students are responsible for sending both their writing and their writer's note before their appointment time begins. Please view our written instructions and video below.

To respect our consultants' privacy, you should send all communication and documents to Do not attempt to contact your consultant at their personal email address. These emails will not be answered and will not be used for your appointment.

Send Your Writer's Note

Your consultant will expect a Writer’s Note that answers the 3 questions below. You must send a new Writer's Note for each written online appointment.

  1. Tell us about your project and the expectations for the final draft. Attach any prompts or guidelines.
  2. Give us a summary of the content in your current draft: what is the goal of your project and what are you doing to achieve it?
  3. Where do you feel confident in your project? Where are you not confident, and what would you like to work on in this appointment?

Your Writer's Note is extremely important for your consultant to understand your assignment and your concerns, so they know how to focus their time and feedback. You can also provide information outside of these questions, if you think it would be helpful to your consultant. See our example writer's note below.

Example Writer's Note

Hi, Luke!

Attached is my writing for review and my writer's note. I inserted some comments on specific areas where I had questions :) Parts that I've highlighted are pieces of writing that I either need to expand on or incorporate elsewhere.

1. Tell us about your project and the expectations for the final draft. Attach any prompts or guidelines.

I'm writing a cover letter that is part of my application for a graduate assistant administrative position at the Raptor Writing Center. The readers will expect to learn details about my job experience and my ability to perform the job at their writing center. The job description and application requirements are attached.

2. Give us a summary of the content in your current draft: what is the goal of your project and what are you doing to achieve it?

My goal is to really try to convey the key experiences I've had as a writing center consultant and administrator over the past few years. I start by talking about my experiences as a consultant first and then move into talking about my experience as an administrator. At the end, I try to relate this experience to what I could do at the Raptor Writing Center.


3. Where do you feel confident in this piece of writing? Where are you not confident and what would like to work on in this session?

I'm confident in the sense that I think I've managed to mention everything I want to in a relatively coherent way. In terms of what I want to work on, I really want to (1) make my ideas a little more concise, because it still feels rambly (especially under the "research" heading), and (2) make sure that I'm talking about similar ideas together and that it doesn't sound like I'm trying to say too much.

I'll try to jump on and work along with you if I can! Thank you! - Ryan

Send Your Writing

You can send your writing in the same email as your Writer's Note or as a separate email. You can send us any of the following document types. Please do not send PDF files.

  • Google Docs or Google Slides (preferred)
  • Microsoft Word
  • PowerPoint
  • Links to your website, video, etc.

Feel free to insert comments into your document to ask your consultant questions or leave them notes.

If you send a Google Doc, you are welcome to be present in the Doc during your appointment, although this is not required. If you are present, we encourage you to respond to your consultant's comments and/or chat with them, when possible. You can let your consultant know that you will be present in your Writer's Note.

No-Show Policy

If you need to cancel your appointment, please do so as soon as possible by returning to our scheduling system (see our cancelling instructions). If you do not cancel your appointment or do not send your writing and your writer's note, your appointment will be marked as a “no-show.” After 2 no-shows, you will lose access to your online account and must schedule by emailing