Written Online Appointments

Button. Text: Make an appointmentAll students and alumni are welcome to schedule written online appointments. For a written online appointment, you will do the following:

  1. Share your Google Doc or email your Microsoft Word document to hwconline@MiamiOH.edu.
  2. Email your assignment guidelines/prompt and a pre-appointment Writer's Note (see section below) to hwconline@MiamiOH.edu. Your consultant will read your paper during your appointment time and provide written feedback in comment bubbles in the margins of your document. They will focus their feedback based on the information you provide in your Writer's Note.
  3. Remain engaged in the consultation, when possible.
    • You can insert comments into your Google Doc to ask your consultant questions or leave them notes.
    • We encourage you to respond to your consultant's comments and/or chat with them during your appointment.
  4. Read your consultant's written feedback and watch the video summary of their feedback.
  5. Email your post-appointment Writer's Note (see section below) to hwconline@MiamiOH.edu.


You have two ways to schedule appointments with us.

  1. Schedule one-time appointments
  2. Request a recurring appointment for 4 or more weeks

You can inform us of any learning/technology accommodations or needs when you schedule. If you cannot access Google Docs, we can provide written feedback in Microsoft Word or another word processing technology. For the video summary of your feedback, please let us know if you would like edited closed captions (CC) or would prefer to not receive a video. If you prefer to work with someone in real-time, you can schedule an on-campus appointment or a live online appointment over video or text-chat.

Writer's Notes

Students who schedule written online appointments will send Writer's Notes before and after each appointment. This allows us to engage with you in a conversation about your writing.

Before Your Appointment

After scheduling your appointment, you will receive an email for a pre-appointment Writer's Note that will help us learn about your writing and your needs for each appointment. Please answer the following three questions:

  1. Tell us about the context for your writing: what are you writing for and what is your goal? Please attach any prompts or assignment guidelines.
  2. How is this writing similar to or different from previous writing you have done?
  3. Where do you feel confident in this piece of writing? Where are you not confident and what would like to work on in this session?

Remember to provide specific information about your writing concerns, so your consultant can best focus their time and feedback. Send your Writer's Note to hwconline@MiamiOH.edu before your appointment time.

After Your Appointment

Following your appointment, you will receive an email that allows you to ask for clarification and informs us of your plans for revising, which will help the next consultant you work with. Please answer the following two questions:

  1. How do you feel about the feedback you received? Do you have any questions or comments for your consultant?
  2. What, specifically, do you plan on changing in your writing, based on the feedback you received?