Healthy Miami Premium Discount Program

Checking Your Points

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We provide the Healthy Miami Premium Discount Program to all benefit-eligible employees and their spouses covered under Miami's health plan.

By participating in this voluntary program and completing specific healthy steps, you can reduce the cost of your premium by up to $720 per calendar year.

Getting Started

Complete the program steps between January 1 and November 15 in a calendar year and qualify for the premium discount for the following calendar year.

When Enrolling in Health Insurance Coverage

The application of the discount varies based on when you and/or a spouse enroll in health coverage.

  • Enroll between January 1 and June 1
    • Receive discount for current year
    • Complete the program steps in the current year for the discount in the following year.
  • Enroll between July 1 and December 1
    • Receive discount for the remainder of the current year and the following year
    • Complete the program steps in the following year

How Much Can I Save?

Annually, there are three savings levels, $720, $540, or $180. The amount you save on your health insurance premium is based on which specific healthy steps you complete.  If your spouse is covered under your health plan, they can also voluntarily participate in the program. Combined participation determines your total savings. For example, if you both complete all steps, you will actually save $1,440.

The Healthy Miami deductions will show on your paycheck as listed below:

Completed all steps ($720 annual savings)

You will see no Healthy Miami deduction on your paycheck.

Completed only the tobacco free certification ($540 annual savings)

Monthly (12 pays): $15.00/month
Monthly (Faculty 10 pays): $18.00/month
Biweekly (24 pays): $7.50/paycheck

Completed all steps except the tobacco free certification ($180 annual savings)

Monthly (12 pays): $45.00/month
Monthly (Faculty 10 pays): $54.00/month
Biweekly (24 pays): $22.50/paycheck

Did not complete all of the steps

Monthly (12 pays): $60.00/month
Monthly (Faculty 10 pays): $72.00/month
Biweekly (24 pays): $30.00/paycheck

Program Steps

The steps you are required to complete in a calendar year to receive premium discounts depends on your age and gender. The table below provides details for which preventive health steps you must complete to receive the insurance premium discount. Individuals that cannot complete the base steps may have their physician submit a Medical Exemption (PDF 194KB) to qualify for a portion of the premium discount. Similarly, the Alternate Proof of Care form (PDF 768 KB) can be used if a step has been completed outside of the Miami health plan. Please contact Benefits and Wellness at 513-529-3492 if you have any questions regarding these forms.

Please note: We base our frequency of screenings on recommendations by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.