Assistive Technology

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 Sign language interpreter in a classroom with students
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Read&Write is a free literacy software (PC & Mac) available for all Miami students, faculty & staff. The toolbar contains many features that integrate with the programs you use everyday such as Word, Adobe Reader, internet browsers, and more. Contact the ATS for training to see which features are right for you!


  • Text-to-Speech (Have documents and books in PDF/Word read out loud)
  • Digital Highlighting (Highlight notes in documents with multiple colors)
  • Speech Maker (Create an MP3 audio file from a document)
  • Word Prediction (Makes writing papers easier and faster)
  • Language Translator
  • Scan Hard Copy Documents to Word, PDF or HTML files
  • And more!

Read & Write supports the following:

  • Different learning styles (Example: Auditory & Visual)
  • Reading comprehension
  • Writing & Studying skills
  • English as a Second Language (ESL)
  • Research and more!

To download* Read&Write, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Miami's IT Help page
  2. Sign in on the upper-right-hand side of the screen with your Miami Unique ID and Password.
  3. Enter “Read and Write Gold" in the search box at the top of the screen.
  4. Select Mac or Windows.
  5. Enter your Miami UniqueID and password in the authentication box.
  6. Locate the file in your Download folder.
  7. Run the program and follow the installation prompts.
    Note: If you receive the following message, “ReadWriteGold.pkg can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer,” Control-click or right-click the file and then select “Open”. You may have to then enter the administrative name and password for your computer.
  8. After installation is complete, open the program and accept the license agreement.
    Note: You will be prompted to enter an activation code. You do not need to enter an activation code.
  9. Click "Activate".

Built-In Technologies


This page will feature PC and Microsoft Accessibility options, mostly pertaining to Windows 7 and 8. 

Windows 7

Windows 7 includes accessibility options and programs that make it easier to see, hear, and use your computer including ways to personalize your PC. Windows 7 includes significant accessibility improvements. Magnifier now includes a lens mode and full-screen mode. On-Screen Keyboard can be resized to make it easier to see and includes text prediction. Windows 7 also gives you more ways to interact with your PC by taking advantage of new strides in speech recognition and touch technology. View the links below for more information on Windows 7 accessibility features, Microsoft Office and Internet Explorer accessibility.

Win. 7 Accessibility Features and Tutorials

Microsoft Keyboard Shortcuts

Office 2010 Accessibility Features

Internet Explorer Accessibility Features

Windows 8

Windows 8 accessibility integrates the built-in assistive technologies with the new touch-screen interface. With touch devices, you can directly interact with everything on your screen by touch, without using a keyboard or mouse, including managing accessibility options in the Ease of Access Center. With Windows 8 you can easily access the most commonly used accessibility options right from the sign-in screen. Select the Ease of Access button in the lower-left corner of your screen, or press the Windows logo key+U, to choose the settings for your PC that you want to have available each time it starts. Visit the links below for more information on Windows 8 accessibility or view the demo video below to see & hear the features in action.

 Windows 8 Accessibility Features

Windows 8 Narrator features (Screen Reader)

Windows 8 Magnifier features

Windows 10

Windows 10 took all the great features from 8, updated and built additional features. To learn more about the built-in assistive technologies in Windows 10 visit the following how-to topics:

Use Magnifier to see items on the screen

Use text or visual alternative to sounds

Use the On-Screen Keyboard (OSK) to type

Using Keyboard shortcuts

Hear text read aloud with Narrator

Make your PC easier to use with Ease of Access Settings

Save time with keyboard shortcuts

Use Speech Recognition to control your PC


This page features accessibility information for Apple products including Mac OS X, iPad, iPhone and iPod. The built in accessibility options will be mentioned on this page. Please visit the Mobile Apps page for information about specific mobile apps for Apple products. 

Mac OS/iOS Built In Features

Apple includes assistive technology in its products as standard features — at no additional cost. For example, iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Mac OS X include screen magnification and VoiceOver, a screen-access technology, for the blind and visually impaired. To assist those with cognitive and learning disabilities, every Mac includes an alternative, simplified user interface that rewards exploration and learning. And, for those who find it difficult to use a mouse, every Mac computer includes Mouse Keys, Slow Keys, and Sticky Keys, which adapt the computer to the user’s needs and capabilities. Visit the links below for more information on Apple’s products & play the videos below for iPad Accessibility demos.

Mac OS X Accessibility

Mac OS X Keyboard Shortcuts

iPad/iPhone Accessibility Features

Note Taking Tools (Mobile Apps)

Evernote appEvernote is a free app available on all Apple and Android devices as well as your PC and Mac. It lets you take notes, capture photos, create to-do lists, record voice reminders–and makes these notes completely searchable on all your devices, whether you are at home, at work, or on the go. You must create a free Evernote account to start using the app. Visit the Evernote Website to download.

 notability   Notability for iPad is a powerful handwriting, PDF annotation, typing, recording, and organizing app so you can take notes your way! Organize your notes by class or subject then share your notes through email, Dropbox or Google drive. For only $4.99, Notability is a great purchase. Visit the following link to download in iTunes: Notability App Download.

SoundNote Icon

SoundNote for iPad is the best way to take recorded and written notes in lectures and meetings. It tracks what you type while recording audio, so you’ll never worry about missing an important detail. During playback, just tap a word: SoundNote will jump right to the proper time in the audio. Soundnote has a minimal cost of $4.99 and can be download at the following link: Soundnote App Download.

 Audio Note Icon Audio Note Lite is a free app for Apple devices that will allow you to take recorded notes as well as written notes. It’s great for recording classroom lectures, homework assignments and reminders. Visit the following link to download: AudioNote Lite Download.