Property - Lost, Found, Impounded

Miami recovers many items that are left behind throughout its daily operations. Most items are maintained by the departments who find the items but items of significant value are turned over to Miami University Police Department (MUPD) for secure storage immediately at the Police Services Center (PSC).  Should you have questions about Lost and Found items or Impounded Property, please contact MUPD's Records and Information Staff at 513-529-2223 or the Lost and Found Message Center at 513-529-2225 or by email at 

  • MUPD does not accept clothing, including coats and jackets. Clothing will immediately be donated to the Family Resource Center.
  • MUPD does not accept food or drinks nor food/drink containers. They will be discarded immediately.
  • Medication will be disposed of in the prescription drug drop box located at PSC immediately.

The following is the Department’s policy on Lost and Found items:

Lost Item Report/ Found & Impounded Property List

To report a lost item, complete the Lost Item Report and we will check the inventory for a match.

To view the current inventory of Found and Impounded Property, see the Found and Impounded Property Listing

Lost Property

Lost Property refers to any item which the owner has lost unwillingly or without their knowledge. Upon locating lost property, the owner will be notified and required to show picture identification (MU ID, State ID card or valid driver’s license) and sign for the property, showing that they have received the property. Individuals can submit a Lost Item Report.  

Found Property

Found Property refers to any item found by an individual or (finder) which does not belong to the finder. Items found of significant value on the Oxford campus should immediately be turned into MUPD. The property will be logged into an inventory system and will subsequently be held for a minimum of ninety (90) days. Persons who have lost property begin to call immediately after the loss. For this reason, please do not collect it and wait to send it long after it is received, i.e. the end of the semester. This dramatically reduces the chances of it being returned to the rightful owner. Individuals can view Found Item Listing.

Items maintained in Found property include:

  • Books, notebooks, and planners
  • Sunglasses, prescription eyewear
  • Cell Phones
  • Keys (MU keys will be send immediately to PFD)
  • Driver’s Licenses, State ID's, Passports (MU ID's will be sent to the HOME Office)
  • Jewelry
  • Backpacks
  • Radios/iPods/Walkmans/MP3 players
  • Computer equipment
  • Other miscellaneous items of value

Anyone wanting to turn over such items should call MUPD's Communications Center at 513-529-2222 to arrange for a police officer to pick up the property or you may drop off the items at the Police Services Center by scheduling an appointment.

Impounded Property

Property found to be in violation of university policy will be impounded, please refer to the following for more details:

Use of Bicycles and Personal Transportation Devices

Electronic Scooters (E-Scooters)

Ninety (90) Day Holding Period

All property found, impounded, or turned into MUPD will be held for a minimum of ninety (90) days. Property not claimed by the owner during the holding period will be purged from inventory by one of the following methods: donated, recycled, sent to university auction, or destroyed. Cell phones will be recycled at the nearest electronics recycling locations, eyeglasses will be donated to Kiwanis Club, and data sensitive materials are destroyed if unclaimed so to prevent unauthorized use of confidential information. Bicycles are sold at the annual fall MU Bike Auction after being held for a minimum of ninety (90) days.

Thank you for your help in reuniting people with their valuable property. Should you have questions about Lost and Found items or Impounded Property, please contact MUPD's Records and Information Staff at 513-529-2223 or at or the Lost & Found message center at 513-529-2225.