Use of Bicycles and Personal Transportation Devices

Scope: Who is Covered by this Policy?

All Instructional Staff, Staff, Students and Visitors


Miami University is committed to creating a sustainable and safe campus. As part of these efforts, Miami University regulates the use of personal transportation devices on University property.

Types of Personal Transportation Devices

Permissible Personal Transportation Devices

Permissible personal transportation devices include the following:

  • Bicycles, unicycles, tricycles, and similar vehicles regardless of the number of wheels
  • Class 1 or 2 electric bicycles
  • Skates, including in-line skates, rollerblades, and roller skates
  • Skateboards or other wheeled boards of any size or type 
  • E-scooters with restrictions (see Electronic Scooters policy)

Prohibited Personal Transportation Devices:

Prohibited personal transportation devices include the following:

  • Segways
  • Golf carts and ATVs
  • Bicycles with helper motors (mopeds)
  • Any other motorized personal transportation device


Prohibited personal transportation devices including golf carts, Segways, electronic skateboards and self-balancing skateboards (commonly referred to as hover-boards) may not be used on University property.

University owned and operated small motorized transportation devices (e.g. golf carts and ATVs) may only be used in the course of conducting official University business.

Personal transportation Devices may not be used inside of any University buildings and facilities-including academic buildings and residence halls.

This policy does not prohibit the use of motorized wheelchairs, Segways, or small motorized personal transportation devices if being used to accommodate a person with a disability or a baby stroller when being used for the purpose of transporting a child.

Individual Responsibility

Individuals will be held personally responsible for any damage caused to University property as a result of the operation of a personal transportation device on University property. Individuals assume the risk of personal injury and death and will be held responsible for any injuries to themselves or others as a result of any violation of this Policy or the improper operation of any personal transportation device on University property.

Safety Rules

  1. In areas where designated bicycle paths are provided, bicycles may only be ridden in such designated bicycle paths and not on adjacent sidewalks.
  2. Pedestrians have the right of way at all times.
  3. Users of personal transportation devices must comply with all applicable laws, including official traffic control devices and signs. Users must dismount and walk when crossing streets and roads and in any pedestrian accessible area.  
  4. Users are strongly encouraged to wear helmets and eye protection and ensure that their devices have appropriate rear and side reflective devices. Headlights and headlamps should be used between sunset and sunrise.
  5. The use of earphones while using a personal transportation device is prohibited.


  1. Small motorized personal transportation devices may not be parked inside campus buildings or residence hall rooms. Bicycles should be parked in bicycle racks or residence hall bike storage rooms. 
  2. Bicycles should be parked in bicycle racks. Chaining or securing a bicycle to any object or structure other than a bicycle rack is prohibited.
  3. Personal transportation devices may not be parked in such a manner as to hinder the safe flow of pedestrian or vehicular traffic, block access to fire hydrants or emergency phones, in bus stops, driveways, parking zones or parking lots. Personal transportation devices parked in violation of this section may be removed by the University and/or immobilized. An impound fee of $25 will be assessed and a $5 daily storage fee will accrue until the personal transportation device is retrieved. Miami University is not responsible for damage to personal transportation devices or locks incurred during removal.
  4. All personal transportation devices must be removed from campus at the end of spring semester. Personal transportation devices left on University property for more than 5 days following spring graduation will be considered abandoned property. These devices will be impounded and disposed of.

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