Miami Regionals in Your Community

Civic Education Students working to stuff bags full of school supplies for students.

Civic Education

The Conservatory The outside of the Conservatory with pink potted plant.

The Conservatory

VOALC Outside of Voice of America Learning Center.


MUH Downtown A woman speaking to a group of people at the Miami Hamilton Downtown center.

MUH Downtown

Parrish Auditorium Outside entrance of Parrish Auditorium.

Parrish Auditorium

Wilks Conference Center Outside entrance of Harry T. Wilks Conference Center.

Wilks Conference Center

Dave Finkelman Auditorium Outside entrance of Dave Finkelman Auditorium.

Dave Finkelman Auditorium

Knoll Community Center Outside entrance of Miriam G. Knoll Campus and Community Center.

Knoll Community Center

Verity Lodge Outside of Verity Lodge

Verity Lodge