National Science Foundation Grant

Left side of the photo is graduate student Jyoti Kashyap, middle is Professor D.J. Ferguson and to the right is graduate student Adam Creighbaum with mountains in the background

Associate Professor of Microbiology, D.J. Ferguson received a three year grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF). Learn more about this grant titled "RUI: Methanogenesis from Quaternary Amines."

Student and Alumni Success

Brittney Graham stands in front of a large poster detailing her research

We congratulate Brittney Graham, a 2015 Miami graduate in Zoology who received an Honorable Mention in this year's National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship program. Learn more about Brittney's success.

Basket Weaving

Students sitting at a table working on weaving their baskets

Yes, Basket weaving does take place in college! Students in Dr. Carolyn Keiffer's BIO 205 Dendrology course learn about wood fibers by weaving baskets. Dr. Susan Marine made the kits and taught the students how to weave.