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Writing Resources

Writing and Editing Sites

The Oatmealis an online comic book about guidelines for writing and grammar rules.

ChompChomp is an interactive grammar and punctuation practice site that includes the grammar and punctuation rules. User-friendly & fun.  

The Purdue Online Writing Labis an online writing, grammar and research style handbook. At the homepage, choose “General Writing” from the tool bar to find writing and grammar topics.

Research Writing

The Purdue Online Writing Lab
also includes research style guidelines, such as MLA, APA, and Chicago.  At the homepage, choose “Research and Citation” from the toolbar to find research rules for constructing in-text citations and works cited (or reference) pages.
is a template especially useful for citing websites (and short pieces from websites), as well as for citing any source.  It includes MLA, APA, and Chicago styles.
“Rentschler Library Citations Checklist
”to double-check that you included all basic research citation expectations in your paper before handing it in.  

Style Handbooks

Consider purchasing one of these popular handbooks for writing, editing, and research guidelines:

A Writer’s Reference, 8thedition with 2016 MLA Update.  ISBN 978-1-319-08353-3

A Pocket Style Manual, 7th edition with 2016 MLA Update. ISBN 978-1-319-08352-6  (This handbook is a shortened version of the above handbook, A Writer’s Reference.

The Everyday Writer, 6th edition with 2016 MLA Update. ISBN 978-1-319-11780-1