Regional Enrollment Management

Students working in a lab with the professor showing them how to use a beaker. A student holding balloons at the commencement ceremony at Miami Middletown.

Enrollment Marketing and Communication

From August 1, 2018 staff from the former Office of Communications and Marketing (OCM) has been distributed between two offices: REM and the Office of External Relations and Communications (ERC).

  • Increasing incoming student enrollment
  • Improving retention of current students
  • Promoting  CLAAS majors
  • Ensuring Miami University and Miami University Regionals brand standards

How do I know if my project should be directed to Enrollment Marketing or ERC?

  • If the audience is prospective students/families, you'll work with Enrollment Marketing.
  • If your project is an event that is somewhat externally focused, you'll work with External Relations and Communications.

How Do I Make a Request?

Simply choose REM or ERC on the forms you previously used to request services from OCM and your project will be directed to the right office.

Units within the Office of Regional Enrollment Management include:

  • Admission
  • Data Support
  • Enrollment Marketing and Communication
  • Financial Aid
  • One Stop Services and Enrollment Operations
  • Strategic Enrollment Initiatives
  • Veteran Services

Kristen Taylor

Senior Regional Director of Enrollment Management


Mia Sanders

Regional Director of Enrollment Operations and OneStop Services



Regional Director of Strategic Enrollment Initiatives




Tracy Miller

Regional Associate Director of Enrollment Communications


J.P. Smith 

Regional Coordinator of Veterans Services



Regional Data Support Analyst




Ryan Taeuber

Senior Graphic Designer


Rachel Nisbet

Assistant for Web Communications