Doctoral Associate Clinical Placement

The Miami University Student Counseling Service (MU SCS) provides advanced clinical placement experiences for doctoral level students in psychology.  A 20 hour per week commitment for the academic year is expected so that each student can participate in an immersive training experience. 

The Miami University Student Counseling Service is deeply committed to the appreciation and celebration of diversity. We value students of all identities, including but not limited to those based on race, ethnicity, sex, gender expression, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, nationality and citizenship status, age, body shape/size, religion, spirituality, ability, and ideology. We recognize the effects that discrimination, prejudice, and systemic issues of power and privilege can have on the life of a student. We strive to create a warm and welcoming environment where all students can feel supported, nurtured, and affirmed. As mental health professionals, we are trained to provide multiculturally informed services that meet the needs of all students while also honoring the uniqueness of each individual. All counseling services are confidential and are not part of the student academic record.

Outline of the Placement

Weekly Clinical Hours (10 per week):

  • 1 hour initial consultations (2, 20-30 minute consultations)
  • 1 hour substance abuse assessment/intervention or attention problem evaluation
  • 2 hours group therapy
  • 5-6 hours ongoing individual clients
  • Consulting, triage/clinical management, walk-in emergencies

Additional Placement Hours (10 per week):

  • Training seminars, clinical staff meeting, professional development
    • Placement students must be available Friday mornings from 8:30-10:00am for the clinical staff meeting.
  • Case presentation
    • Placement students must be available two Friday afternoons from 3:00-5:00pm to observe and then present a formal case presentation.
  • Participation on a workshop facilitation team
    • Brain Boosters (attention concerns), Stress Less, Mind Over Mood (mindfulness skills, gratitude), Bouncing Back (resilience and DBT skills), Biofeedback.
  • Minimum of 1-2 outreach presentations per semester
  • One week after hours on-call emergency time spring semester (hours variable dependent on need)
  • Paperwork


  • Fall semester individual supervision will be 2 hours per week, provided by an intern under the umbrella supervision of a licensed psychologist.
  • Spring semester individual supervision will be 1.5 hours per week, provided by a licensed psychologist.
  • Individual supervision of group therapy will be 30 minutes per week, provided by a licensed psychologist.


Entrance Criteria

  • Be a registered graduate student at or beyond the second year in a doctoral level program in clinical psychology.
  • Be in good standing on all requirements of the doctoral program.
  • Have successfully completed prior supervised practicum and clinical placement experiences.
  • Be referred by students' DCT and provide vita.
  • Demonstrate consistency between candidate's professional interests and the goals of the MU SCS training program.
  • In accordance with MU hiring procedure, interns must:
    • Be able to pass the Employee Background Check.
    • Be able to represent and warrant, by completing a Declaration Regarding Material Assistance/Non-Assistance to a Terrorist Organization form (supplied by the University), that the applicant has not provided any material assistance, as that term is defined in ORC Section 2909.33 C, to an organization that included on the United States Department of State Terrorist Exclusion List and that the applicant has truthfully answered no to every question on the form.

Important Scheduling Information

  • Placement students must be able to attend 3 days of orientation in the third week in August.
  • Placement students must work 20 hours per week for an academic year.
  • Any missed days due to illness must be made up.
  • Placement students are granted all MU holidays and days off.

Exit Criteria

  • Attendance at a minimum of 85% of individual supervision meetings.
  • Attendance at a minimum of 85% of group supervision meetings (if relevant).
  • At minimum, scheduling of 90% of the contracted time (typically, 10 hours per week) in direct clinical hours during the year (includes individual and group client hours, emergency hours, and on-call crisis).
  • Minimum of 1-2 outreach presentations per semester. 
  • Completion of on-call emergency week.
  • Satisfactory completion of all responsibilities of the half-time, 2 semester placement, demonstrated by ratings of "T" (on target) on all required evaluation scales.