Photography and Video

Mobile devices and social media (Instagram, iPhone cameras, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube) have greatly changed what most audiences want to see in terms of visual engagement. Posed, formal, or professionally “polished” video and photography does not, in general, find a receptive audience. Photography and video should feel genuine, energetic and “in the moment,” using as much natural light as possible to capture the “natural moments” that define the Miami experience. Scripted video or posed photography is avoided unless absolutely necessary. 

Miami's campus is considered to be one of the most beautiful in the United States. The scenic views of campus resonate with students, alumni, and fans of the University. The imagery can be incorporated in designs. Photography of the campus can be viewed on here:

We also strive to incorporate the way Miami advocates multicultural understanding and global involvement by reflecting diverse individuals in our visual material. The use of social media photos and handles (with proper approval) is encouraged and reflects the authenticity of our brand.

Professional Photography

Social Media Photography