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Accelerating Ahead: Miami's Focus on the Future

Accelerating Ahead: Miami's Focus on the Future

Higher Education Needs Fresh Ideas

Miami University and educational institutions around the world are adapting to a changing world. From issues concerning public health, environmental sustainability, technology, human rights, and more, society needs experts who can offer solutions to complex problems.

In these Accelerating Ahead sessions, Miami’s brightest minds share insights into how higher education can build a better future.

We hope you’ll conclude each presentation with a desire to know more. We’re confident that vibrant, innovative, enduring, and compassionate learning communities can help us navigate a rapidly accelerating world of dynamic change and shifting demographics.

Welcome Message from Board of Trustees Members


“Accelerating Ahead: Miami’s Focus on the Future” Virtual Conference is a compilation of presentations from Miami University educators and thought leaders. This nine-session virtual conference covers topics spanning from living, learning, and working amidst a pandemic to strategies for future success. As Miami returns to in-person instruction, the university has used the knowledge acquired this past year to continue to accelerate ahead.

Building Strategies for Future Success

This session focuses on strategies for our future success: brand, fundraising, finances, enrollment, career, and alumni engagement. Miami University returned to in-person instruction and working in a strong position with great momentum. This session gives insight on how branding, budget, giving and enrollment success was achieved despite challenges.

We Contribute to a Vibrant Region

This session shares how Miami University will contribute to our local economies in the future, how top-tier cities and top-tier universities thrive together, the 2018 strategic plan progress, and efforts to one day achieve a carbon-neutral campus.

Building Community Advances Our Mission

This session is focused on community-building and how Miami will continue to advance the community in the pandemic world. Learn about programs in the residence halls, support for students with disabilities, athletics, and even utilizing technology to build community.

How we Achieve Inclusive Excellence

During the pandemic, some organizations retrenched – but not Miami. The institution's DEI efforts excelled, from the task force recommendations to national recognition and awards for programs and the work to engage a diverse supply chain through procurement. Enjoy this session on DEI and the many exciting programs on Miami’s campuses.

Investing in Innovation

Over the past two years, Miami has made some bold investments. This session will focus on some endeavors that were launched most recently – the university’s new honors college and the success of the inaugural class that started this fall. Programs have been re-envisioned with new and exciting courses and experiences. Enjoy learning more about all these innovations.

We Collaborate Across Disciplines

In this session, you will hear the visions of Miami University deans, the uniqueness of the colleges, and how the deans collaborate across disciplines. With six academic colleges, Miami has more than 100 majors, 68 master’s degree programs, 13 doctoral programs, and 20 certificate programs, this session is full of new ideas on how the university will be accelerating into the future.

A Mission Fueled by Research

There are several case studies on success at attracting external research funding and the key lessons learned. Miami’s teacher-scholar model remains robust and the quest to improve research funding just hit a new milestone. Be inspired by Miami’s amazing faculty and staff!

Living the New Normal

This session is a bit different. It is about advocating and living in what seems to be the new normal – amidst pandemic and beyond. This includes several topics – interacting with elected officials, advancing research as a public intellectual, taking care of our families, and much more. If you like transdisciplinary thought and connectivity across boundaries, you will enjoy this session.

Advancing Knowledge in the World

This session focuses on Miami’s centers and institutions with broad reach from democracy to aging, as well as some of the newer departments on campus. Enjoy learning more about this broad portfolio of transdisciplinary organizations on our campuses.