Achieved Initiatives

Global Miami Plan Revision

A major revision of the Global Miami Plan was approved by University Senate in April 2014. Key revisions included a decrease in the number of foundation level credits, a new advanced writing course, a new experiential learning requirement, a focus on 21st-century learning competencies and outcomes, and a full-cycle assessment plan. Proposals for all components of the plan are available on the Liberal Education website, and implementation of the plan will begin in fall 2015 and continue over the next several years.

Office of Research for Undergraduates (ORU)

The ORU opened in 2014-2015 and is still located on the first floor of King Library with the aim of advancing opportunities for undergraduate students to engage in mentored research, creative inquiry, scholarship, and professional experience throughout the Miami curriculum. ORU encourages new students and current students to embrace a desire to engage in research. Dr. Joseph Johnson is the ORU director.

Three-Year Degree Project

In alignment with goals set by the State of Ohio, Miami University developed plans for 60% of its undergraduate degrees to be completed in three years. For more information, see Three-Year Pathways.

Guidelines for Promotion of LCPL Faculty

An ad hoc committee led by Dr. Judith Rogers developed new criteria, dossier guidelines and recommendations for promotion of lecturers, clinical, and professionally licensed faculty. The committee’s recommendations were approved by the Council of Academic Deans and University Senate and were first implemented in 2014-2015.

Academic Calendar and Creation of Winter Term

Under the leadership of Associate Vice President Michael Kabbaz, in 2013, Miami implemented a new academic calendar that includes a short winter session, restructuring of the fall and spring semesters, a new time block grid to accommodate calendar changes, and an acceleration of the beginning of the summer term. For more information, see Academic Calendar Implementation 2013.

Academic Division: College of Professional Studies and Applied Sciences

Led by Dean Michael Pratt, the newly formed division was named as College of Professional Studies and Applied Sciences, effective July 1, 2013. This new division located on the Hamilton, Middletown and Voice of America campuses, features four-year bachelor's degrees, associate degrees, and selected graduate degrees, designed to meet the needs of the citizens of southwest Ohio.

American Culture and English (ACE) Program

Launched in 2012, the American Culture and English (ACE) Program provides international students with high-quality English language instruction, a challenging and supportive intellectual environment, and cultural and co-curricular experiences necessary for them to develop strong English speaking and writing skills and to achieve academic success at Miami University.

Curriculum Streamlining

Following a recommendation in the 2010 Strategic Priorities Task Force Report, the division of Academic Affairs has focused on reducing the overall number of undergraduate course sections and low-enrollment courses. Curricular streamlining assists Miami in using resources wisely so that the curriculum continues to meet our liberal education mission and the evolving needs of our students. Since 2007–2008, the overall number of undergraduate course sections has dropped by 273 sections since 2007. In addition, since 2007, the overall number of low-enrolled undergraduate courses offered at Miami has been reduced by 202 sections. A new annual process for deleting non- and under-enrolled classes was instituted in January 2014 and resulted in over 900 courses being deleted from the University Bulletin.

The Oxford Pathway (TOP) Program

Begun in fall 2013, the Oxford Pathway program is a short-term and intensive learning program for strong students who reside in southwestern counties of Ohio. Students admitted into the Pathways program enroll in classes during the fall term at the Hamilton (MUH) or Middletown (MUM) campus and received enhanced support.

University Studies

Launched in 2012, this program provides support and faculty advisement for students who enter the University and are undecided about the major. University Studies is administered by the College of Arts and Science Advising Office with ongoing collaborations among academic departments and programs as well as other academic support offices throughout the University. Its primary goal is to ensure the academic success of these students.