Faculty and Staff

Notify your direct supervisor, in writing, with a copy to Academic Personnel Services.  The notice of resignation will be acknowledged.  You will be invited to an in-person Exit Interview with Benefit Services.  Questions about the end of an appointment can also be addressed to Beth Matix at 513-529-6724.

Graduate Assistantships

If you should resign your position or withdraw from the university at any time during the academic year, you must notify Academic Personnel Services immediately. This is necessary so that the appropriate adjustments can be made to your paycheck before the direct deposit date. Should you fail to notify Academic Personnel Services office in a timely manner, you will be required to refund to the University any overpayment of stipend, based on the date of resignation (if applicable).

Changes to Your Benefits

Although resignation practices vary by position, benefits are handled similarly for all employees. Visit Human Resources' Leaving the University for details.