Chairs Development Series


The 2022-2023 Chair Development Series is focused on Support, Communication, and Community. Sessions are intended to provide access to information, encourage communication, and build a community of chairs at Miami. The series will be offered in a virtual environment to make the work more accessible to chairs across campuses. It is our hope that chairs will come to those they find interesting and where they feel they have contributions to make. Attendance at these sessions is optional.


Chair Development Sessions. We will meet from 11:30-1pm on the first Thursday of each month. Topics have been selected in collaboration with divisional leadership. We will invite representatives from offices across campus for two-way communication and leave time for networking and collaboration among chairs.

Chair Development Sessions
Month Topic
September Leadership and Culture
October Conflict Management
November Evaluating Faculty
December Advancement and the Department
January Strategic Scheduling
February Budgeting and Data
March Hiring and Retention
April TBD -- Selected by participants

Engagement and Discussion Sessions. These 45-minute virtual meetings are scheduled for the third Thursday of each month and are opportunities for Department Chairs to remotely mingle, discuss important events, and ask questions about policy, process, and people at Miami University. These will be more spontaneous and responsive to issues raised in the chair community. They can be used as a follow up or extension of the longer session or as a means to continue an important discussion, or as a way to provide quick training in response to an immediate concern or question. Topics will be announced as they are planned.

For more information about sessions or to suggest a discussion topic, contact Dana Cox, Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs.