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Departments Using Tested Experience Criteria

Below are the departments which offer highly skilled or applied courses and which occasionally hire instructional staff using the tested experience criteria.  The table also indicates whether they use the university tested experience metric or have developed one specific to the department.

College of Arts & Science


  • Technical and applied graduate courses for Advanced Inquiry Program and Global Field Program

Media, Journalism & Film Studies

  • Technical and applied undergraduate JRN, STC and MAC courses

Political Science

  • Special topics courses (upper-level), POL 345; POL 330 and 370, POL 467/567, POL 468/568

Speech Pathology & Audiology

  • Skill and applied SPA undergraduate courses

College of Creative Arts

Architecture & Interior Design

  • Specialized skilled undergraduate courses in Architecture and Interior Design
  • Specialized skilled graduate courses in Architecture


  • Applied/skilled undergraduate and graduate courses, including CraftSummer courses

Interactive Media Studies

  • Applied/skilled undergraduate courses


  • Applied/skilled undergraduate and graduate courses


  • Applied/skilled graduate and undergraduate courses

College of Education, Health & Society

Educational Leadership

  • Specialized applied and skilled graduate courses

Educational Psychology

  • Specialized applied and skilled graduate special education courses

Kinesiology & Health

  • Applied/skilled undergraduate courses, including PALS courses

College of Engineering & Computing

Computer Science & Software Engineering

  • Applied/skilled undergraduate and graduate courses

Other CEC Departments

  • Applied/skilled graduate courses

College of Liberal Arts & Applied Science

Computer Information Technology

  • Applied/skilled undergraduate courses


  • Applied/skilled undergraduate courses

Engineering Technology

  • Applied/skilled undergraduate courses

Justice & Community Studies

  • Applied/skilled undergraduate and graduate courses


  • Applied/skilled undergraduate courses

Farmer School of Business


  • Applied/skilled undergraduate courses

Business Administration

  • Applied/skilled graduate courses for MBA program


  • Applied/skilled undergraduate courses