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Provost's Student Academic Achievement Award (PSAAA)

Selection Process

The PSAAA is awarded to students who have made outstanding contributions to their field or discipline beyond the typical course and major requirements. Previous award winners have presented or published their work in national outlets, earned a prestigious national or international fellowship, or won a major national or regional competition in their field of study.

Winners will be awarded the payment the next semester in which they are enrolled at Miami.  Award payments  may not be paid out when the student is not enrolled at the institution.


Students nominated for this award must have obtained the following:

  • Junior status (minimum of 75 credit hours) at the time of application/nomination
  • An outstanding record of academic achievement and sustained and significant contributions to the intellectual climate of a department, an academic division, or the campus broadly


Applications/nominations are made in the spring of each academic year. Students can apply directly through a department or program, and faculty can also nominate students through their department. Directors of the Honors Program, Undergraduate Summer Scholars (USS) program, and the Office of Global Initiatives are also invited to submit nominations through the appropriate academic department.

Nominees should submit one or more letters of support from faculty members in addition to the nomination letter are preferred.

Names and supporting credentials of leading nominees selected by the departments are submitted to the Deans who then select names from among those nominees for final submission to the Provost.

Review the nomination materials and deadlines down below.


The following members of the Provost's Selection Committee review Deans' nominations and select award recipients:

  • Associate Provost (or designate)
  • Dean of Students (or designate)
  • Award recipient from the previous year chosen by the Provost
  • One faculty member from each academic division chosen by the Provost


PSAAA winners will be recognized at an event early in the fall semester following the notification of the award. Winners will be awarded their payment the next semester in which they are enrolled at Miami University. Award payments may not be paid out when the student is not enrolled at the institution. 


Nominations can be submitted by the student or a faculty member. The nomination should be a one-to-two page letter from the student or nominator which describes the student’s involvement in scholarly/creative activities that extend beyond course or major requirements and contribute to the intellectual climate at Miami (this might include exceptional accomplishments in original research, independent study, internships, study abroad, published scholarship or creative works, etc.)

The nomination packet should also include

  • Student's current academic transcript
  • Student's Curriculum Vitae (CV) or resume and annotated list of academic or scholarly achievements
  • Nomination letter
  • Letter of support from a faculty member (Note: This letter may be from a second faculty member, if the original nomination is made by a faculty member; only one faculty letter is required if the nomination is made by applicant.)
  • Nomination packet can be sent to 
Date Action
March 15 Nomination packet due to the Department Chair
March 29 Packets of the Department's selected nominees due to the Divisional Dean
April 15 Packets of the Division's selected nominees due to the Provost