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This page summarizes key terms and definitions used throughout this site.


“AAUP” stands for the American Association of University Professors.


“AFT” stands for the American Federation of Teachers.

Bargaining Unit

A group of employees who are represented exclusively by a union for the purposes of dealing with their employer with respect to wages, benefits, and other terms and conditions of employment.

Collective Bargaining Agreement

A contract between an employer and a union on behalf of employees in a bargaining unit which governs the terms and conditions of the employees' employment.

Collective Bargaining

The process by which the employer and the union representatives meet to bargain in good faith over wages, benefits, and other terms and conditions of employment. The obligation to bargain does not require either party to agree to a proposal or to make any concession.


"FAM" stands for the Faculty Alliance of Miami.


"FAM / AAUP - AFT" is Miami’s local chapter of the American Association of University Professors, a national union which represents faculty and other academic professionals. The organization has been affiliated with the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) since August 1, 2022.


“SERB” stands for State Employment Relations Board, which is the state agency that oversees public sector labor relations and collective bargaining in Ohio. SERB administers the Ohio Public Employees’ Collective Bargaining Act.


The term used for both the local bargaining agent representing a defined group of employees or faculty and also the national and / or state affiliate of a local bargaining union.