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Latest Update

Bargaining Update | July 11, 2024

The University and Union bargaining committees met on July 8, 2024, to continue negotiations for an initial faculty contract.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which faculty are included in the T/TT and TCPL Faculty Union?

As certified by the Ohio State Employment Relations Board (“SERB”), all full-time Tenure / Tenure-track and TCPL faculty at all Miami campuses will be represented by FAM / AAUP - AFT in collective bargaining.

Can individual faculty opt out of union representation?

Under Ohio law, when a majority of eligible voters vote in favor of representation by a union, the union represents all members of the certified collective bargaining unit. You have the right to decide whether or not to become a dues-paying member of the union, but your terms and conditions of employment will still be covered by the collective bargaining agreement for your bargaining unit.

Where are we now in the T/TT and TCPL Faculty unionization and bargaining process?

The Tenure / Tenure-track and TCPL Faculty have voted in favor of FAM / AAUP - AFT representation and have been officially certified by SERB as the exclusive collective bargaining unit. See the T/TT and TCPL Faculty Union Update Page for more updates on the unionization / bargaining process.

Who will lead contract negotiations for the T/TT and TCPL Faculty union on behalf of FAM / AAUP - AFT?

If you have questions about the union’s negotiating team, please reach out to your FAM / AAUP - AFT representatives for additional information.

How are the terms and conditions of our employment affected by ongoing contract negotiations?

Generally speaking, terms and conditions of employment are “frozen” during negotiations, also referred to as “status quo,” and can only be changed through the collective bargaining process. This means that some University processes, such as shared governance, may need to operate differently as the University and the Union work towards negotiating an initial contract.

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