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Director of Academic Program Support Pamela Mayberry Retires
After serving Miami University and the Scripps Gerontology Center for 20 years, Coordinator of Academic Programming Pamela Mayberry retired in the summer of 2021.
Miami to award four honorary degrees at Fall Commencement
Miami University will award four honorary degrees during the Dec. 10 Fall Commencement at which Tom Crist — professor and chair of biology and co-recipient of the 2021 Benjamin Harrison Medallion — will give the commencement address.
In memory of Jim Swartz: Celebrating the dynamic life of a devoted educator and accomplished researcher
Jim Swartz loved being a teacher and he respected his colleagues. His thoughts were often on his students, and throughout his nearly 20 years at Miami University he spread friendliness and warmth among everyone he knew.
Lab in focus: CEC graduate students publish in software engineering conferences
Miami CEC grad students participate in research conferences.
Miami hosts first ROBO FEST
Miami's MME and Theater departments worked together this year to host the R.U.R. Rossum's Universal Robots at ROBO FEST.
Ann Haley MacKenzie, EDT, has been named Extraordinary Professor for the Self-Directed Learning Research Center at North West University in South Africa.
MacKenzie will be collaborating and conducting research within the Self-Directed Learning research unit. Her research agenda will focus on the intersection of indigenous knowledge and social justice.
Unemployment, Hunger, and Housing Crisis: COVID-19 and the Pillars of Insecurity
Virtual panel discussion event. So many individuals and families were already living on the edge of hunger and homelessness, and the global pandemic tipped many over the brink. We will talk with local organizations that address these basic needs about how the pandemic has changed the calculus of where the next meal is coming from.