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Unemployment, Hunger, and Housing Crisis: COVID-19 and the Pillars of Insecurity
Virtual panel discussion event. So many individuals and families were already living on the edge of hunger and homelessness, and the global pandemic tipped many over the brink. We will talk with local organizations that address these basic needs about how the pandemic has changed the calculus of where the next meal is coming from.
SPA faculty receive career collaborative grant
Drs. Amber Franklin and A.J. Olszewski received funding from the Miami Center for Career Exploration and Success to host dialogues about race and racial disparities in healthcare for SPA undergraduates.
Department of Education awards $2.5M to Miami University to provide critical support for Ohio's K-12 English language learners
Young English language learners in a classroom (pre-COVID-19) work with their instructor using flashcards.The U.S. Department of Education has awarded $2.5M to Miami University to support the Preparing English Learner Educational Allies (PELEA) program and improve English language instruction across southwest Ohio.
MME welcomes Sk. Hasan to the faculty
Dr. Sk. Hasan became an assistant professor with Miami’s MME Department in fall of 2021.
$2.5M PELEA grant to provide critical support for students learning English
In the last decade, the number of English language learning children (ELs) across Ohio has doubled to nearly 60,000. Many of these students arrive unaccompanied, or alone, and may have suffered additional trauma from poverty, natural disasters, and political unrest. And many local schools lack the expertise and resources to work with this growing population of students.
Dr. Muhammad Jahan gives Keynote Speech
Dr. Muhammad Jahan tells about his recent Keynote Speech as well as some recent research and upcoming conferences.
Helaine Alessio and Robbyn Abbitt received the Wilks Institute for Leadership and Service award
This award will support students in the Capstone course: Personal and Ecological Health to create and map mountain bike and hiking trails in Hueston Woods State Park.
ECE professor celebrates book publication
Chi-Hao Cheng, a professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering has recently had a book published.
Dean Smith wins 2021 Chiropractor of the Year Award
Dean Smith has not only combined his passion for chiropractic, education and research into a positive career, he has also impacted students, peers and the OSCA along the way.