CAS - Langugage lab

Alternative Textbook (Alt-Text) Program

Are you unable to identify a suitable Open Educational Resource for your course?  The Alt-Text Program may be appropriate for you.

In this program (which is being piloted in the 2018-2019 academic year), faculty work with library staff to develop a reading list comprised of resources pulled from Miami University Libraries’ purchased electronic collections (eBooks, electronic articles), legal online resources, and reading selections made in compliance with U.S. copyright law. 

Faculty members selected for this program receive a one-time amount for working successfully with Carla Myers (Scholarly Communications Coordinator) as well as their Subject Liaison Librarian to identify educational resources that students can access for free (through the Library) that can serve as a substitute for a textbook.

The amount of funding (ranging from $500-750) will depend on the number of students impacted and/or the complexity of securing the identified resources.

For information about this program or if you are interested in participating in the pilot program, please contact Carla Myers, Scholarly Communications Coordinator, at or 513-529-3935