Unizin Engage EText Program

Professor and students at Business Quotient launch, FSB
Professor speaks to his class in language lab, CAS
Professor Scott Hartley, wearing protective glasses, talks with students in the lab, CAS

E-Texts and other digital course materials are becoming more and more available to students for a fraction of the cost of printed materials.

The Miami University Engage eText Program will begin in the spring 2020 semester and is led, in partnership, by the Office of the Provost, Information Technology Services, University Libraries, Bursar, AccessMU and eLearning offices on the Oxford and Regional campuses.

Engage is an eText reader available to Miami, as part of the university’s membership in the Unizin Consortium. The Unizin Engage platform provides:

  • an overall more affordable option than what Miami or individual students could obtain on their own;
  • significantly lower prices for eTexts (typically 40% to 80% off list print prices);
  • instructors and university control over annotation features and usage data;
  • a consistent user experience;
  • publisher software packages at discounted prices, which typically allow students to retain access to the eText for as long as they are a student at Miami;
  • the ability to print the eTexts.

The Engage eText reader also enables faculty to:

  • Utilize highlighting and annotation tools to explain or clarify challenging subjects within the online learning materials Highlight and annotate the text;
  • Print pages from the course material;
  • Print annotations;
  • Review analytics to make sure students are reading and engaging with the content.

eText Procedure

Instructors select the eText material (and Digital Learning Tools,[1] if they choose) for their respective course(s). This material can come from a variety of sources including publisher textbooks, openly licensed materials, or faculty created/supplied content. The selected eText is automatically pre-purchased for each student upon enrolling in the course. The eText is then made available via an integration between Engage and Canvas. Each student is charged the cost of the course’s eText by the Bursar’s Office via their tuition bill. Students who already have a copy of the text or wish to purchase the text from another vendor may opt out of this opportunity, and their bursar bill will be credited.

Students are only charged for each eText once and DO NOT need to buy a print version of the textbook. If students are financial aid recipients, the aid will be applied to the cost as appropriate. Refunds for course withdrawals will follow standard tuition refund rules.

Unizin has established agreements with 19 publishers representing a collective catalog exceeding over 100,000 titles to deliver digital content to students. Agreements include eTexts and courseware and require eTexts to be delivered through Unizin Engage digital content platform.   Current publishers are:

  1. American Society of Microbiology
  2. Bloomsbury
  3. BVT Publishing
  4. Cambridge University Press
  5. Cengage
  6. Fountainhead Press
  7. Hackett
  8. Health Administration Press
  9. Human Kinetics
  10. International Society of Automation
  11. Macmillan
  12. McGraw Hill
  13. Pearson
  14. SAGE UK
  15. SAGE US
  16. Springer
  17. Taylor & Francis
  18. Wiley
  19. Wolters Kluwer

Unizin has Courseware agreements with Cengage, Human Kinetics, Macmillan, McGraw Hill, Pearson, TopHat, and Cambridge University Press.

This program will be piloted beginning spring 2020 semester.  More information can be accessed via the Affordable and Open Educational Resources Canvas site. Please contact Nkosi Shanga, Office of the Provost, at shangan@MiamiOH.edu, to be added to the Canvas site.

[1] Note: Digital learning tools (DLT) are non-text digital/electronic learning materials (including publisher’s online learning and study environments, game simulations, online courses, and other interactive materials). DLT are hosted on the publisher’s websites (not in Canvas). Examples of DLT include Cengage MindTap, Pearson’s MyLab and Mastering series, and Pearson Revel.