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  • Student has earned at least 30 semester hours (AP, Post Secondary, Transfer, IB, etc.), including ENG 111, Miami Plan Foundation IIA-Creative Arts, Foundation IIB-Humanities, Miami Plan Foundation IIC-Social Science, and Global Miami Plan Science (physical or biological).
  • Student has earned credit for BIO 115 or 116 and one year of College Chemistry.
  • Student has earned pre-req or placement score for MTH 151 and/or STA 261.


  • This plan makes several assumptions and should NOT be construed as a substitute for academic advising.
  • All requirements are subject to change.
  • Students must complete all requirements in order to graduate.


BSC = Biological Science
BIO = Biology
CHM = Chemistry
MTH = Mathematics
MPF = Miami Plan Foundation Requirement
PHY = Physics
STA = Statistics
Created by CLAAS Advising, August 2020