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  • Student has earned at least 30 semester hours (AP, Post Secondary, Transfer, IB, etc.), most of which apply to the Miami Plan Perspective Areas Foundation and College of Arts and Science Divisional requirements.
  • Student has earned credit for: one year of College Chemistry and MTH 151 (or equivalents).
  • Student has earned prerequisite credit or appropriate placement score for 2nd year of foreign language.


  • This plan makes several assumptions and should NOT be construed as a substitute for academic advising.
  • All requirements are subject to change.
  • Students must complete all requirements in order to graduate.
  • CHM 147 is not required but strongly encouraged by the department as an elective.
  • Please be aware that some CHM courses are only offered in the fall and others in the spring; attention must be paid to the pre-requisite structure of these courses.


CHM = Chemistry
MP = Miami Plan
MTH = Mathematics
PHY = Physics
Updated by CAS Advising, 8/14/2023