Honors students sitting outside of the Honors Learning Living Community.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I learn more about Honors?

Your Admission counselor can answer many questions about Honors. You can also learn more about our program by making an appointment to connect with our staff during a campus visit. We also strongly encourage you to attend a Make It Miami! event this spring; we will have an Honors information session at each of these events.

Am I required to live in the Honors Residence Halls if I am an Honors student?

It is the expectation of all First Year Honors Students that they will live in the Honors Living-Learning Community. The benefits of participating in the Honors LLC are getting involved in the Honors community and living in newly renovated residence halls on the Honors Quad. You can still live in the Honors LLC and request a roommate who is not in the Honors Program. Simply preference the Honors LLC on your housing contract, which you will complete during the confirmation process.

How do I confirm my enrollment in the University Honors Program?

When you confirm your enrollment in Miami University you automatically confirm your enrollment in the University Honors Program. There is no separate enrollment for the program.

What are the Honors First Year courses?

The Honors First-Year courses are a set of two Honors classes taken over the course of the first year: one course in the Fall Semester and one course in the Spring Semester.

Note: the complete list of all Honors courses will be updated on this site in March 2018.

Do I take an Honors course every semester?

Just during your first year at Miami. After that, you will complete other Honors Experiences, as outlined within our program requirements.

How will AP/IB/CLEP/PSEO credit apply to my degree program requirements?

Students who earn credit for courses through AP, IB, or CLEP exams or through post-secondary coursework will be able to apply this credit toward their total credit hours needed to graduate from Miami University with a bachelor’s degree.

During Summer Orientation, you will work closely with an advisor in your intended major/area of interest as well as an Honors advisor to determine more specifically how your previous credit affects your schedule of courses for your first semester.

Come to orientation with an idea of what credits you will be bringing in. Even if you don't have your AP/IB scores from senior year yet, your advisors will help you choose classes based off of the scored you will receive.

Do Honors First Year classes help me make progress with the Global Miami Plan?

Yes. All of our classes fulfill Miami Plan Foundation areas and/or other degree requirements. If you are in the College of Arts and Science, some Honors courses will count towards your CAS Requirements. If you are in the Farmer School of Business, some Honors courses will count towards the FSB Diversity requirement.

Unless you are advised by your major advisor to take a class for which you already have credit, our team of advisors is intentional about assisting you in selecting Honors courses that will help you advance in your degree requirements.

You can access a guide for AP scores and what Miami Plan Foundation areas they cover so that you can see which areas of the Miami Plan you have already completed.

What courses do I have to take as an Honors student during my first semester?

From an Honors standpoint, the only required course is the fall Honors course. There are no other required courses that Honors students must take during your first semester related to your Honors Requirements.

Students may take additional Honors courses, but we strongly discourage students enrolling in more than two (2) total Honors courses in any given term.

Do I need to complete all eight of my Honors Experiences during my first semester?

No. The University Honors Program is designed to be completed over four years, averaging to one Honors Experience per semester. During your first two semesters at Miami, you will take two courses as part of your Honors First-year courses. From there, you have a variety ways to individualize your path by completing your other Honors Experiences.

Should I take the Math and/or Foreign Language placement exams?

Yes. We strongly recommend that you take the Foreign Language and Math placement exams even if you anticipate receiving AP or post-secondary credit for foreign language or math.

The placement exams are not designed to determine credit; rather, they help to identify what courses in these subjects you are most prepared to take.

The Math placement exam will enable you to enroll in a math course (or, in some cases, a chemistry course) for which you are ready. Students majoring in fields in the College of Engineering and Computing and science-based areas in the College of Arts and Science should take the exam online before attending Summer Orientation.

Math and Foreign Language are required for many majors and career goals, and strong competence in these areas will prepare you well for life’s challenges. Taking the Math and Foreign Language placement exams will allow you maximum flexibility in course scheduling.

What if I have questions or want more information about the University Honors Program?

We encourage you to speak with an Honors advisor by contacting the University Honors Program.