The University Honors Program is housed in Old Manse.

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The University Honors Program partners with you and your student to ensure success. We have provided some resources for you to connect with us.

Attend Day 1 Information Session for Families at Orientation

We have a session just for you designed to help you learn about the program, and how to support your student during their time as a Miami Honors Student. 

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Each month during the semester we keep you updated with what is going on in the University Honors Program through our Family Newsletter. We encourage you to sign up for the newsletter.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Families

What is the University Honors Program?

The University Honors Program (UHP) is a community of bright, highly-motivated students looking to push themselves as intellectuals and individuals; outstanding alumni who are making a difference around the world; exemplary faculty who have a passion for teaching, mentoring, and advising; and a dedicated staff whose mission is student success.

Honors students enhance their general education requirements—called the Global Miami Plan for Liberal Education—by engaging in a variety of additional learning experiences that enhance this liberal education curriculum. Students individually tailor their experiences to meet program requirements and align with their interests and goals.

What are the advantages of the University Honors Program?

Advantages include:
  • Individualized advising to support students' studies, direct their Honors paths, and foster networking connections across fields of study
  • Guaranteed access to small, rigorous Honors courses that connect students to other high-achievers
  • Funding for research, study abroad, and independent projects
  • Unique opportunities to engage with guest speakers and distinguished scholars-in-residence
  • Opportunities to be a part of a close-knit learning community that shares a love of learning and commitment to academic rigor
  • Priority placement in the Honors Living-Learning Community, in which all First Year Honors Students are strongly encouraged to live
  • Priority registration for all Miami courses

What are the program requirements?

The University Honors Program requires students to complete eight (8) Honors Experience over the course of their undergraduate studies.
  • First-Year Honors Course (Fall Semester)
  • First-Year Honors Class(Spring Semester)
  • Honors Course Extension #1
  • Honors Course Extension #2
  • Student’s choice: Honors Course/Course Extension/Co-curricular activity
  • Student’s choice: Honors Course/Course Extension/Co-curricular activity
  • Student’s choice: Honors Course/Course Extension/Co-curricular activity
  • Student’s choice: Honors Course/Course Extension/Co-curricular activity

What are the requirements to remain in the University Honors Program?

We do not have requirements to remain in the program. Students need to earn a 3.5 cumulative GPA and complete their eight Honors Experiences in order to receive the Honors transcript notation and recognition for having earned Honors in the Commencement bulletin.

How does my student confirm with the University Honors Program?

When students confirm their enrollment in Miami University, they automatically confirm their enrollment in the Honors Program. There is no separate enrollment needed to join the Honors Program. If your student does not wish to participate in the University Honors Program have your student email

What is the Honors LLC?

The Honors LLC is one of many Learning Living Communities at Miami University.

Is my student required to live in the Honors LLC?

It is the expectation of all First Year Honors Students that they will live in the Honors Living-Learning Community. The benefits of participating in the Honors LLC are getting involved in the Honors community and living in newly renovated residence halls on the Honors Quad. Your student can still live in the Honors LLC and request a roommate who is not in the Honors Program. Simply preference the Honors LLC on your student's housing contract, which they will complete during the confirmation process.

Is my student required to complete an Honors with Distinction project?

No, Honors with Distinction is completely optional. During their final undergraduate years, Honors students have the option to pursue Honors with Distinction. This achievement requires the proposal, development, and completion of a large-scale project or an intensive pre-professional experience.

Is there a scholarship associated with being apart of the University Honors Program?

No, there is not a scholarship for students associated with participation in the University Honors Program.

What is an Honors course?

Honors courses are offered Miami classes, but have the Honors designation. These courses are capped at 25 or fewer students, and tend to be more rigorous and challenging. All of our classes fulfill Miami Plan Foundation areas and/or other degree requirements.

What is the purpose of my student’s Honors Advisor?

Honors advisors are here to help your student:
  • Develop Honors Experiences, assist in selecting Honors courses
  • Oversee Honors with Distinction process
  • Answer questions about UHP Requirements
  • Guide and support applications for national fellowships and awards

Does my student need to take Honors courses every semester?

No. Students are only required to take two Honors courses during their first year at Miami. They can take more if they choose to do so.

What is an Honors Experience?

Honors Experiences are significant, engaged learning opportunities such as:
  • University Honors courses
  • Honors course extensions
  • Undergraduate research
  • Teaching
  • Study abroad
  • Internships and pre-professional activities
  • Community service, leadership, and creative projects

Will there be opportunities to meet with a representative from the program?

Yes. We encourage you and your student to attend a Make It Miami! Event this spring to meet an Honors advisor and other Honors students. At Summer Orientation in June, we will have an information session on Day 1 just for families, which is designed to help you learn about the program and how to support your student during their time as a Miami Honors Student.