Social Impact and Justice Scholars

Miami student works with children abroad

This program supports students passionate about social, environmental, or economic impact and social justice. By making these central to their education, students explore important questions regarding fairness, ethical decision-making, resource distribution, and global citizenship. They learn the fundamental skills that they will need in order to become agents of change in their communities. The following are just a few examples of those who should apply: fine arts students interested in climate change, engineering students interested in sustainable infrastructure, pre-med students interested in health equity, and sociology students interested in gender/race/class inequality. Social Impact and Justice Scholars will receive access to:

  • Faculty mentors who help integrate social impact and social justice concerns into any major.
  • The Western Center for Social Impact and Innovation’s global network of alumni changemakers.
  • Interdisciplinary coursework that explores solutions to some of humanity’s greatest challenges.
  • Learn from nationally renowned faculty from across campus, including Social Justice Studies and Sociology scholars.
  • Service opportunities with Miami’s Office of Community Engagement or the Social Action Center that affect meaningful change in the local and global communities with which Miami is so powerfully connected.

For more information, contact Kristen Budd, Jacqueline Daugherty, or Ryan Gunderson.