Writing Scholars

Students having a discussion with their professor in a campus library

The program for Miami University’s Writing Scholars provides intensive training and experience for talented students who would like to write for professional publications and use writing to shape understanding of the issues of our time. Drawing from the Departments of English and Media, Journalism and Film, the program offers opportunities in intersecting writing fields, including journalism, professional writing, creative writing, and media studies. Writing Scholars benefit from:

  • An array of small Scholars-only writing seminars in the first year.
  • Advanced workshops that hone skills and prepare students for careers in writing.
  • Opportunities for mentorship from professional writers affiliated with Miami.
  • Priority consideration for Inside Hollywood and Inside Washington programs.
  • Preferential access to writing courses in the Department of English and the Department of Media, Journalism and Film.
  • Strong connections with student media organizations.
  • Interactions with visiting writers, editors, journalists, and filmmakers.
  • Membership in a campus community and a student cohort devoted to the written word.

For more information, contact James TobinMichele Simmons, or Margaret Luongo.