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2019-2020 Boldly Creative Projects

Nearly $5 million was committed to these initiatives in the first round of a $50 million Boldly Creative university commitment.

  • Analytics and Data Science Program Evolution
    Miami is responding to the explosive growth of data-related needs by coordinating high-end capabilities in analytics and data science at several academic levels and embedding core training in analytics within Miami’s liberal arts experience.
  • Business Skills for Non-Business Majors
    The M.S. in Business Management will provide business skills and expertise for non-business graduates, giving those students a platform for career success and strengthening Miami’s core of graduate academic excellence.
  • Center for Cybersecurity
    Faculty will study the feasibility of an interdisciplinary cybersecurity center to educate all levels of professionals for an industry with a projected 1.8 million jobs gap by 2022.
  • Realign Engineering Programs for the new Industrial Landscape
    Miami will equip graduates and industry professionals with robotics skills they need to thrive in the technological transformation known as Industry 4.0.
  • Developing an Esports Curriculum
    With Miami already established in competitive collegiate esports, a multibillion-dollar industry, this proposal seeks to build and support the first major esports curriculum in the country.
  • Expanding Miami's Health Care Programs
    Miami will become a reliable source of providers, innovators and experts for the expanding health care sector, providing significant career opportunities for students, as well as training and technical support for health care providers.
  • Microcredentials to Advance Careers
    Miami University will provide a series of microcredentials (focused, less formal academic attainments) that are milestones of achievement for students from all career stages on the way to a certificate or full degree.