Open and Concealed Carry FAQs

The following Q&A is intended to be an educational primer on common open carry issues. Specific questions should be directed to the Miami University Police Department (MUPD) or the Office of General Counsel.

Q: Is it legal to open carry a firearm on Miami University campuses?

A: Yes, open carry of a firearm by non-Miami students, faculty, and staff is legally permissible in public spaces on Miami University campuses, although multiple restrictions apply (see restriction details below). The 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution allows citizens to carry and wear openly visible firearms in public spaces, unless that space is specifically forbidden under state law. Miami University is a public institution.

Q: Are there any restrictions to open carry on Miami campuses?

A: Yes, there are multiple restrictions on the right to open carry firearms on Miami University campuses. These restrictions are based on law, university policy or both. The following restrictions apply to the open carry of firearms:

  • Firearms are prohibited in all campus buildings.
  • Miami students, faculty, and staff are not permitted to carry or possess firearms on campus.
  • Ohio law forbids anyone to open carry certain types of firearms such as fully automatic weapons.

Q: Is concealed carry allowed on Miami University campuses?

A: No. Concealed carry of a firearm is not allowed on Miami University campuses.

Q: Why are students, faculty, and staff not allowed to open carry firearms on Miami campuses?

A: For those with certain types of relationships with Miami University, the university has the legal right to be more restrictive than the law may allow, which means while particular conduct may be legal, it is still a violation of the student code of conduct or employment policies to possess firearms on campus. Violation of these policies may result in internal discipline, including termination from employment or expulsion from the university.

Q: Do other colleges and universities allow open carry on their campuses?

A: Any public college or university in the state of Ohio must abide by the same laws as noted previously in FAQ #1. Other public Ohio colleges and universities have experienced protests, gatherings or other open carry activities by those supporting gun rights. This type of activity has been occurring for years.

Q: Some individuals from our campus community have reported being fearful when individuals openly display firearms on campus. Can open carry of firearms on campus be considered a form of harassment or intimidation? Is this behavior disorderly conduct, inducing panic, or some other type of criminal offense?

A: The mere presence of individuals exercising their constitutional rights to open carry in public places where they are legally allowed to be does not constitute illegal behavior, regardless of how this conduct is perceived or received by others. To be in violation of the law, individuals otherwise legally engaging in open carry, must be determined by a very fact specific analysis to be involved in behavior that is illegal, such as assaultive behavior or brandishing or threatening behavior with a firearm.

Q: What is the MUPD's response when individuals open carry on campus?

A: First, when members of our university community observe an individual open carry or otherwise displaying a firearm on campus, we request that it be immediately reported to the MUPD, at 513-529-2222, via the Rave Guardian app or at

Upon becoming aware of an individual with a firearm, the MUPD will respond immediately to that area. MUPD officers will determine if there is a safety risk and handle the situation based on that initial assessment.

After this initial assessment, MUPD officers will approach the individual and determine if he/she is a Miami student, faculty or staff. If the individual displaying the firearm is not affiliated with the university, is in a public area where he/she is legally allowed to be and is not exhibiting any criminal behavior, MUPD officers will remain in the area to maintain a visible sign of safety. MUPD officers will continue to monitor the activities of those openly carrying firearms during their entire time on campus, and others who may be in the area, to ensure the safety of all and will be available to answer any questions.

Q: How can I learn more about Ohio’s open carry laws?

A: You can learn more about Ohio’s open carry laws by contacting your state representative. To search for your House and Senate representatives, visit the Ohio Legislature website