Frequently Asked Questions

Where are all of the locations my student can use swipes? What locations can they use Dining Dollars?

Dining Dollars can be used for any dining purchase on campus. This includes all dining locations and markets. Swipes can be used at all of the following locations:

  • Martin Dining Commons
  • Maplestreet Dining Commons
  • Western Dining Commons
  • Garden Commons
  • Market Street at MacCracken (Meals to Go Items Only)
  • Emporium Market (Meals to Go Items Only)
  • Scoreboard Market (Meals to Go Items Only)
  • King Cafe (Meals to Go Items Only)
  • Greystone Market (Meals to Go Items Only)

The website says the location is open, but the Grubhub mobile ordering app says the location is closed. Why can't my student order if the location if open?

During peak hours, mobile ordering might not be available at all locations. The Dining team is working to serve in person customers and have throttled the mobile orders they are able to take one at that time. We encourage customers to check back on the app later, or visit the location in person.

My student is finding it hard to make it to a dining hall between classes, but needs to use their swipes. What are their options?

Students can stop in any market on campus for grab-and-go options in the Meals to Go program.

The dining hall closest to my student doesn’t open until 9AM, but they have an 8AM class. Where can they eat an early breakfast?

Martin Dining Commons and Maplestreet Commons both open at 7:30AM for breakfast at a buffet location and are no more than a ten minute walk from residence halls. Other available a la carte options include Starbucks, Pulley Diner, Cafe Lux, Toasted Bagel, and Dividends. The a la carte locations accept dining dollars and credit cards.

My student ran out of swipes, but still wants to eat at a dining commons. What are their options?

Students can still enter the dining commons using dining dollars or credit cards.

Why are lines so long at some of the locations?

As is common with the start of every semester, it takes a couple of weeks for the student dining habits and academic schedules to settle into a pattern. As these patterns develop the dining locations adjust to the demand. Please know that the lines do move along quickly as we scan in 10 guests per minute during our peak hours serving approximately 500 guests per hour.

I’m hearing that there’s only pizza and pasta available. How can we see what options are available in the dining commons locations?

You and your student can check the dining location menus for a full menu before you go, see options available at each station, and plan your plate.

It sounds like our students think the food at certain dining halls is better than others. What is the difference between the dining halls?

The same recipes and ingredients are used for all dining commons across campus. Each dining hall differs in the layout and number of stations: for example, Maplestreet Commons and Western Dining Commons have Allergen Stations that are free of the top 9 allergens and gluten.

My student’s roommate was raving about the black bean burger and vegan nuggets they got in the dining commons, but my student didn’t see it when they went later the same day. Are they missing something?

There are several ‘Available Upon Request’ items available at every dining commons, everyday. Students can check NetNutrition or ask a staff member onsite for all of the options available. Available Upon Request items include vegan favorites, gluten-free options, and much more.

What is the difference between meal swipes and dining dollars?

Meal Swipes: Bulk of meal entries into the dining commons. Essentially 1 meal swipe gains you access into a dining commons for an All-You-Care-To-Eat experience.

How can I view my student's buffet swipe usage through the week?

On the MyMiami parent/family portal, you can review the Meal Plan Transaction ledger to see dining dollar and buffet swipe usage.


What are you doing to hire enough staff?

As the national labor shortage has been especially challenging for the hospitality industry, Miami has been working hard to increase incentives to attract the best team to serve your students. Additionally, Miami has contracted with a third party vendor, Chartwells, to assist in staffing the dining operations at Armstrong Student Center. Student hiring continues throughout the academic year and is critical to the success of our operations. Keep in mind we must follow CDC and Butler County General Health guidelines for COVID testing and contact tracing. This could potentially limit our available staff on short notice.

My student has a few hours a week to work, but wants to ensure their academics come first. What options are available?

Miami Dining Services offers flexible schedules that enable academic priority. We also offer the highest wages on campus starting at $14/hour. There are advancement opportunities and management training available. For more information, visit our Join Our Team page.


Have more questions? Contact the Food & Beverage team directly via our Feedback form.