MUlaa makes on-campus spending hassle free. This debit account is available to all Miami students, faculty, and staff. MUlaa funds can be accessed through your Miami ID. MUlaa accounts remain active as long as a student is enrolled. Any balance remaining at the time of withdrawal, transfer, or graduation will be credited to the bursar account and applied to outstanding charges. At that point the remaining balance will be refunded.

Get Started | MUlaa Deposit Locations

  • Add Funds to your MUlaa, funds deposited between 7:00 am and 6:30 pm will generally be available within 30-60 minutes. Money deposited after 6:30 pm will be available the next day at 7:30 am If adding via e-check, please allow 4 business days before the MUlaa is available for use.
  • Value Transfer Stations at King Library, Laws Hall Library, Hughes Hall Copy Center and on the Hamilton and Middletown Campuses, funds are available for use immediately

Use Your MUlaa Account

MUlaa is currently accepted at the following locations:

Check Your MUlaa Balance

You can view an itemized purchase list through WebCard Center.

To view itemized purchase list:

  1. Log into WebCard Center using your UniqueID and password
  2. Click pending History
  3. Adjust the date range to match the spending history timeline you wish to view
  4. Click Submit