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Mission Statement

Miami Recreation Services encompass a dozen facilities, over 200 programs, 20 full-time staff and 250 student staff that are dedicated to the health, recreation and well-being of Miami students, faculty, staff and the Oxford community.

The vision for “Friends of Miami Recreation” is to build strong connections between students, staff, and alumni while looking toward the future with impactful programs.

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Our history began in 1897 with the construction of Herron Gym, laying the foundation for a rich legacy of recreation at Miami University. From those humble beginnings, our commitment to well-being has flourished, culminating in the Recreational Center that stands proudly on campus today.

For over a century, Miami Recreation has been more than just a fitness facilities; it's a department that fosters a sense of community, bringing together students and local Oxford residents. As a witness to countless memories and shared experiences, it has become a cornerstone of our campus life.

Here's to a century of wellness, camaraderie, and countless moments of joy! Read more about our history here!




Alumni Stories 

Working at the Miami Rec Center wasn't just a job – it was a gateway to a thriving community. Amid the clatter of weights and the whir of machines, I found friends who made late-night shifts feel like hangouts. Beyond the gym, these connections became a crucial support system, turning colleagues into companions.

The experience taught me practical skills, from teamwork to time management, and the importance of a balanced lifestyle. Leaving the Rec Center, I carried not just a paycheck but a pocketful of meaningful memories and friendships that made my college journey richer. It wasn't just a workplace; it was a dynamic space where unexpected connections and shared experiences transformed a routine job into an integral part of my university experience.

Allison Reed 

Class of '22

30 in the Last 30

Introducing "Miami Recreations 30 in the Last 30" – a celebration of alumni excellence and success beyond the gym walls. This promotion shines a spotlight on thirty remarkable individuals who, after their time at the Miami Rec Center, have gone on to achieve significant milestones in their lives and careers.

Explore the narratives, be inspired, and discover the extraordinary paths forged by our alumni beyond the fitness arena.



Miami Alumni Walking with confetti